Interviews in Toppenish with Zillah too

2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (4)Today was a Toppenish Day.  We started off here with these good Elders.

Elder Carrasco and Elder Rodriguez, serving in the Toppenish East Area2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (1)Elder Carrasco:  Believe in the power of your calling.  Know and understand who called you to the work.  Represent Him as He was (loving and caring).

Elder Rodriguez:  Learn to love the people as soon as possible!  Be patient with the results.  Make sure you write in your journal every night!

Elder Hodges and Elder Garcia, serving in the Toppenish West Area2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (7)Elder Hodges:  Love the people.  Don’t push yourself too much at the start (pace yourself at a pace you’re good with).  Loose yourself, but don’t forget yourself in the the work (take time to study for yourself).

Elder Garcia:  Love the people, even if you don’t know them.  Go to the temple as much as you can before you come.  Work hard, but also work smart.2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (8)

Elder Hankins, Elder Bonney and Elder Carroll, serving in Zillah2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (10)Elder Hankins:  Make the most out of personal study.  Don’t be afraid to open your mouth!  Just dive in, from day 1 till the end.

Elder Bonney:  Repent daily.  Learn to talk to strangers.  Focus on your missionary purpose.

Elder Carroll (Birthday Boy):  Expect a call to a place you never expected.  Study each verse–its not how much you read, but how well you study what you read.  Prayer is your best friend.2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (13)2018-3-9 Interviews Lower Valley (14)

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