Departing Interview in The Dalles

2018-3-20 zz Interviews The Dalles (1)We went back to The Dalles this afternoon for Elder Gaeta’s final interview.  We found them in the library making the programs for their baptism this evening.

Elder Gaeta and Elder Walters, Zone Leaders serving in The Dalles, Spanish2018-3-20 zz Interviews The Dalles (2)Elder Walters:  Dive into Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon.  Be as diligent as you know how, and let the Spirit do the rest.  Establish your 3 desires for your mission.  Mine have been: 1. Learn to receive and rely on the Spirit.  2. To feel satisfied and feel I’ve done all I can at the end.  3.  To not feel comfortable with who I was before I came.

Elder Gaeta:  Learn and apply the principle of obedience–it will stretch and grow you.  Learn & apply humility–it will change you and kill the natural man.  Enjoy your studies–they are life lessons & testimony builders.

Here is Elder Gaeta’s final planner.  One of the missionary traditions around here is for companions or districts to decorate the planner of the one leaving soon.  Haha.

2018-3-20 zz Interviews The Dalles (4)2018-3-20 zz Interviews The Dalles (6)2018-3-20 zz Baptism Bailey Williams (15)

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