The Language of Mormon Missionaries

2018-2-12 Monday Office (38).JPGMormon missionaries serve all over the world for a period of 18 months to two years.  These happy young volunteers work hard bringing joy to others.  They also have their own vocabulary.  You might be interested to know what they’re talking about if you listen in on a conversation.

Thanks Here are some of the acronyms used in missionary life:
MTC = Missionary Training Center
DL = District Leader
ZL = Zone Leader
AP = Assistant to the President
STL = Sister Training Leader
MLC = Mission Leadership Council
DM = District Meeting
ZC = Zone Conference
DLO = District Leader Orientation
T&T = Trainer & Trainee Meeting
WML = Ward Mission Leader
P-Day = Preparation Day (Mondays)
MSF = Missionary Spending Fund (Monthly Allowance)
PMG = Preach My Gospel
OYM = Open Your Mouth
HTBT = the How to Begin Teaching lesson
BoM = The Book of Mormon
CPR = Church, Pray, Read
KI = Key Indicator
DOS = Day of Service
ET = Emergency Transfer
LA= Less Active
RCLA = Recent Convert, Less Active
PMF= Part Member Family
RC = Recent  Convert
TAMS = Teaching Active Members

FACTS = things to include in your letter to the President:  news of your Family, your Area, your Companion, your Testimony, and any Spiritual experiences from the week

Map by stake

Other Missionary Terms:
Mission = a geographic area designated by the Church for missionary work
Mission President = oversees the work in a Mission
District = several missionary companionships serving in an area, led by a District Leader
Zone = several districts serving in an area, led by a Zone Leader
Senior Companion = the designated leader of the companionship, usually older, or in the area longer
Junior Companion = the less experienced companion in a companionship
Trainer = the companion of a new missionary (first 12 weeks)
Greenie = a brand new missionary
Greenie Busting = the job of a new companion’s 2nd companion (after their trainer)
Zebra = a mixed language companionship, ex. English/Spanish
Doubled In = both companions are new to the area
Doubled Out = both companions are transferred out of the area at the same time
Sweep = both companions are transferred out at the same time
Whitewash = both companions are transferred into a new area, usually because of past disobedience
Pinkwash = both sisters are transferred into a new area
Blitz = when several companionships all spend a day working in one area
Exchanges = District or Zone Leaders exchange companions for the day (1x/transfer)
Splits = Exchanges
Flip Flop = cell phone trade/transfer (with the flip phones)
Planners = pocket-sized calendar book for recording daily schedule and contacts
Specialized Training = any special training meeting
Trunky = focused on going home
Trunky Call = the call received from the office with travel plans for home (usually 3-4 months out)
Potentials = someone who expressed interest, but set no return appointment. Go back to see them.
Formers = someone who was once taught
Investigator = someone being taught
Eternigators = someone taught for a very long time
Progressing Investigator = someone who is learning, keeping commitments, and making changes
Member Present = when a member attends a missionary lesson with the missionaries
Home Court = teaching a lesson in a member home with a member present
Resto = The Restoration Lesson
Try By = stopping by a potential investigator without an appointment
Pass Off Lessons = turning over an investigator to missionaries in their area
Poaching = teaching someone who is in another companionship’s area
On Date = someone who has accepted a baptismal date
Key Indicators = Baptisms/Confirmations, On Dates, At Church, New Investigators, all reported to the ZLs
Racking Stats = misrepresenting key indicators
Aspirer = someone who seeks leadership roles
Apostate = a disobedient missionary or district
Dropped = someone no longer being taught
Transfers = movement within the mission every 6 weeks
Changes = transfers
Transfer Board = the master board of missionaries in the office and mission home
Transfer Journal = book of nice things your fellow missionaries write about you, usually updated before each transfer

Transfer Predictions = everyone tries to guess what will happen at an upcoming transfer
Emergency Transfer = an unexpected transfer during the 6 weeks
Mid-Departing Transfer = special transfers (usually before a semester starts) to allow a missionary to get home in time to attend school
Area Book = place where area and contact information is kept
Anti-ed = “We were Anti-ed.” Someone preached anti-Mormon philosophies to you
“We knocked into” = finding someone by knocking on their door
“In our pros” = in our proselyting clothes (shirts & ties)
Sight and Sound = stay with your companion so you can see and hear what they say
Sister Swap = Sister clothing exchanges
Six Months to Sexy = Elders who spend the last 6 months getting in shape before going home
My Plan = a six week goal-setting program for missionaries preparing to go home
“Go see Dan” = go take a Daily Afternoon Nap (not approved)

Interesting Terms:
“I was born here” = a missionary’s first area
“I’m going to die here” = a missionary’s last area
“I’m going to kill you” = the companion sending his/her companion home
“Serial killers” = companions who send home many
Funerals are held for departing, or “dying” missionaries
“The Other Side of the Mission Veil” = those who have gone home
Resurrected = someone who goes home early, then later returns to the mission

2015-9-8 (28)

Baby = who you are training, new from the MTC
Father/Mother = your trainer
Grandpa/Grandma = your trainer’s trainer
Brothers/ Sisters = had the same trainer
Step Parent = second trainer during the first 12 weeks of training (½ trained)
Step Son/Daughter = a 2nd trainer’s companion during the first 12 weeks
Uncles/Aunts = your companion’s trainers
Brothers/ Sisters = had the same trainer

Moth Tracting = only knocking on doors with porch lights on late at night
Boonie Tracting = looking for homes out in the boondocks or farm country
Poop Loop = a pointless walk around the block to kill time before going in at 9:00 p.m.
Victory Lap = a last effort to find someone to teach before going in at night
Miracle Walk = hoping to find one last person to teach before going in

Walking Areas
Cataslacks = a walking area
Shoe-baroo = a walking area
Chevrolegs = walking area
Lamborfeeties = walking area

2015-10-16 New Cars (10)

Car logs = record daily mileage here, keep daily and monthly totals, report to Vehicle Manager
TIWI = the electronic/satellite device in the cars that tracks safety, speed and location
Missionaries often give their vehicles names.
Some in our mission are: The Silver Stallion (truck), The Starship Enterprise (Mission Van).

2015-10-26 The Crib Yakima apt (6)

Missionaries often give their apartments names.
Some in our mission are: The Bungalow, The Hobbit Hole, The Barn, The Crib

2018-3-4 Moses Lake Apartment (3).JPG

Tie Game = you have a great collection of ties
Tie Trading = you autograph and exchange ties with companions and mission friends
Heritage Ties = ties passed from trainer to trainees over time
Posterity Ties = ties passed from trainer to trainees over time
Signature Ties = ties signed by groups of missionaries
Tie Shark = someone with a collection of ties (some number in the hundreds)
Tie Hoarder = someone with excessive numbers of ties
Favorite ties change over time –from plaid to paisley, and now floral

2018-1-14 Visiting TD Apartment (23)

Bump Day = 6 months
Hump Day = 1 year
Slump Day = 1 ½ years
Dump Day = 2 years

Traditional P-day Activities
Scatter ball
Chair Soccer
Volleyball, 4-hit kill

Tracting Bags
Missionaries keep all sorts of things in their tracting bags.

This bag was made out of a pant leg and his scripture cover was made from a cracker box!

2017-9-29 Interveiws Wenatchee (23)

Mormon missionaries have a pretty unique opportunity to leave their friends, families, lives and stuff behind while they go to a place they don’t pick to live with companions they’ve never met, teaching people they don’t know.  They’re a pretty happy lot of young men and young women.  It’s a joy to serve with them.

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  1. Marilyn DeBry says:

    Wow–quite a vocabulary. I served a mission in the Netherlands years ago–we had some of the same words, but many were new to me.


  2. Dyann Parker says:

    Oh my gosh, these are great!


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