A Planning Day!

2018-3-29 Planning Day (1)We are spending time today preparing for our upcoming MLC and Zone Conferences.  The APs came by for lunch and an afternoon of planning.  2018-3-29 Planning Day (2)2018-3-29 Planning Day (3)2018-3-29 Planning Day (4)The Easter Bunny also dropped by with a little treat!2018-3-29 Planning Day (5)Back to work!2018-3-29 Planning Day (6)2018-3-29 Planning Day (7)These Pres Lewis (poses) are so Pres Lewis, I had to include both.2018-3-29 Planning Day (8)Reviewing the responsibilities of an Assistant:2018-3-29 Planning Day (9)2018-3-29 Planning Day (10)2018-3-29 Planning Day (11)2018-3-29 Planning Day (12)MLC planning:2018-3-29 Planning Day (14)Reviewing the guidelines we’ll be teaching:2018-3-29 Planning Day (16)2018-3-29 Planning Day (17)

This evening we had some visitors drop by–Elder Donakey and Elder North, or Selah Zone Leaders.  It was nice to visit with them.2018-3-29 Visitors Donakey and North (1)

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