Interviews in Ellensburg

2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (1)Our next stop today was in Ellensburg.  Here’s how missionaries park the cars so they don’t have to back out.  Everyone faces forward!  The Ellensburg District was having their District Meeting today, so everyone was gathered when we arrived.2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (2)We got to hear the end of their meeting.  It was wonderful.  2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (3)2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (4)2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (5)2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (6)Then they had lunch together.  Check out the creative frying pans for their pancakes and scrambled eggs!2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (7)2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (8)2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (9)2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (10)2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (11)2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (12)2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (13)After lunch we began the interviews.  They are each responding to the question, “What are 2 ways you plan to change after listening to General Conference?”

Elder Spitzer and Elder Hankins, serving in the Cle Elum Branch2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (15)Elder Spitzer:  I want to gain a further testimony that Pres Nelson is a prophet of God.  I want to have Family Home Evening when I have a family.

Elder Hankins: I want to remember and think about what Christ did for all of us more often.  Instead of just asking God to fix things, I want to be more specific and ask “what can I do to help?”

Elder Babbitt and Elder Hart, serving in the Ellensburg 3rd Ward2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (17)Elder Babbitt:  My plan is to develop Christlike attributes one by one.  My goal is to have so much faith that I could move mountains.

Elder Hart:  I want to listen to the promptings of the Spirit.  I want to look for more opportunities to serve others.

Elder Ball and Elder Nielsen, serving in the Ellensburg 2nd and YSA Wards2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (20)Elder Ball:  I want to remember our baptismal covenant to take upon me the name of Christ.  I want to remember what meekness is to me.

Elder Nielsen:  I can’t wait to home teach!!  Oh, wait, I mean “MINISTER!”  I want to live every day of my mission like it’s my last.

2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (24)Old technology:2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (28)

Hermana Pinckard and Hermana Heineken, serving in the Ellensburg 1st Ward (Spanish)2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (31)Hermana Pinckard:  I want to really keep faithful to the little things that can sink deep and have a bigger impact.  I want to give my all to a calling I may have or to those I may visit teach (minister to).

Hermana Heineken:  I want to work on receiving revelation and I want to forgive and forget.

Sister Karrenn and Sister Richmond, serving in the Ellensburg 1st Ward2018-4-12 z Interviews Ellensburg (33)Sister Karren:  I want to seek more revelation.  I want to be more diligent and learn to overcome the fear of failing.

Sister Richmond:  I want to get into the habit of following Pres Nelson’s steps for receiving personal revelation in personal prayer.  I want to study, pray for and develop meekness.

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