Monday at the Office

2018-4-30 Monday Office (1)Today was fairly quiet at the office.  We had our staff meeting and Pres Lewis had a Presidency Meeting this afternoon.  A few missionaries came and went, emailing home.  The Royals have moved into the Call’s places.  This is the Calls last week here.  They have been dedicated, over and beyond all expectation for the last 3 years here in this place.

Supplies are organized and ready for our next MLC:2018-4-30 Monday Office (2)Including bug spray, now that spring is here!2018-4-30 Monday Office (3)Emailing!!2018-4-30 Monday Office (4)2018-4-30 Monday Office (5)Family cheering Elder Nicoll on!2018-4-30 Monday Office (6)2018-4-30 Monday Office (7)Staff Meeting:2018-4-30 Monday Office (8)2018-4-30 Monday Office (9)2018-4-30 Monday Office (10)Mission Presidency:2018-4-30 Monday Office (11)Lunch break:2018-4-30 Monday Office (12)Two last visitors!2018-4-30 Monday Office (13)

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