Back on the Road Again

2018-5-30 Interviews Othello, Royal (1)2018-5-30 Interviews Othello, Royal (4)EVERYTHING is growing in central Washington right now.  It’s green and lively here.  Today we went back on the road again, for the rest of the week.  I often wish I could just put a camera on the dashboard and film everything we see out the windows as we drive to share with those of you watching from home.

Here are a couple of photos of the hops climbing up their vines.  These were taken in the Moxee area, as we left the Yakima Valley.

You can learn all about hops here:

2018-5-30 Interviews Othello, Royal (5)

The fruit bins are also stacked and ready to go, everywhere you look.  Thousands and thousands of bins, ready to be filled with apples!  The cold storages that surround us are full of bins of apples stacked up to 12 high, year-round.  They suck the oxygen out of these huge storage buildings so the apples stay fresh and crisp.  The forklift drivers wear oxygen masks as they go in and out of the cold storages.  Apples picked in the fall are packed all year long.

These empty bins are now stacked out side the storage buildings and in the fields, ready to receive the new crop.  The orchards look expectant, full-leafed and excited for the growing fruit.  Apples of every variety, cherries, pears, apricots and some peaches grow in our valleys.2018-5-30 Interviews Othello, Royal (7)2018-5-30 Interviews Othello, Royal (9)Summer in central Washington is like living in a Garden of Fruit Eden!  You can feel the anticipation in the air.

As we headed north to Moses Lake today, we drove past fields of alfalfa, wheat, potatoes, corn, beans, sweat peas, onions, mint and triticale.  There are also lots of orchard nurseries growing new varieties and old.

The crop circles are green again.  It’s a spectacular time to be here!

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