The Treadmill Begins

2018-6-3 Mission Home (77)Well, we are on the treadmill now.  It’s after 10:00 p.m.  and Pres Lewis has 65 more letters to read before morning, when they all fill his box again.  Office meetings tomorrow, MLC on Tuesday, Newsletter must go to press on Wednesday, our final Zone Conferences Thursday and Friday, Baptisms Saturday, Speak in church Sunday, Office meetings Monday, Last day of Interviews in The Dalles Tuesday, Transfer Planning Weds-Friday, Transfer Calls Saturday and my last Days for Girls Event in Yakima, Stake Conference in Moses Lake that afternoon and we speak on Sunday, Office meetings Monday, Departing missionaries come to the Mission Home Monday evening and depart Tuesday.  New group arrives Tuesday and has orientation, Transfers Wednesday, Moving Truck comes Thursday for our stuff and we move to a hotel Thursday night.

Between here and there are a few dinners and farewell events and several returning missionaries who want to visit before we leave.  We’ll be in the hotel our last week here while they spruce up the Mission Home for the Jackmans.  During that week, we’ll try to finish writing the Mission History for 2017 and the first half of 2018.  We’ll organize our computers and phones and get ready to turn things over to the Jackmans when they arrive that Thursday afternoon.  We’ll pick them up from the airport at 2:45 p.m. in Yakima, stop by the office, then come to the Mission Home and spend a couple of hours with them, have dinner, then we will return to the hotel and they will fall into bed here.  The next morning we drive home and they go meet the missionaries–half on Friday and half on Saturday.  Friday night late, we embrace our kids in Orem.

Think we can get it all done?  I’m not sure how, but somehow we’ll get through it.  Add to that more hugs than I can count, and bucket loads of tears.  Please pray for all of us –the Jackmans as they come, the missionaries, and for us to be able to let go and drive away.

I need to get back to work now.  Thanks for your prayers.  I love you all.

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3 Responses to The Treadmill Begins

  1. Joni says:

    Sweet Sister Lewis…….I always had hoped to meet you sometime during this past 3 yrs. before you headed for home…..I have been a part of this great Yakima Mission with you all, since the beginning and even before you were called…..I have loved every single post every single day you have written your fingers off……and I have loved this work you and President Lewis have so faithfully fulfilled…..yes you are going home, but oh I am so sad to end this great story in my everyday life….I check in every night before going to bed just to see and feel this great work…….please keep posting when you return home….You have lifted my spirit so many times, and I am so in awww at your strengths and abilities and your incredible steadfastness…..oh I just love you, and thankyou for all the love you have so spread…..You will love going home……it’s family time back in the fort….and grandbabies are Heaven on earth…you need a rest sweet gramma, rocking babies…..xoxox joni


  2. Christina B Pocock says:

    It is bittersweet to leave the mission and return home. I was very possessive of all our missionaries and felt a great loss not being able to keep track of their missionary adventures and see the growth that comes as they serve. I still remember the all-encompassing fatigue that set in as we left Omaha. We will pray for your safe travels, a smooth transition for both the Jackmans and your/their missionaries. Those missionaries were so lucky to have you and your husband bless their lives in so many ways.
    We have loved following your adventures but look forward to seeing you again.

    Chris and Gary Pocock


  3. cheryl cardall says:

    My son has only been there for a month, but oh how grateful I am for you and your wonderful husband and the love you have shown him. The consecrated service you have provided for the last 3 years is incredible. When you left it felt like a sacrifice to leave your family, and now it’s a sacrifice to leave your missionaries! I think that’s how you know you did it right!


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