Mission Leadership Council June 2018

2018-6-5 MLC (7)Today was our last MLC with these missionaries.  To me it felt like what the scriptures describe as a “great and dreadful” day.  Great to be with all these wonderful missionaries, dreadful because it was our last MLC.

They began to arrive well before 9:00 and we had some help setting things up and a bit of visiting while everything was made ready.2018-6-5 MLC (10)2018-6-5 MLC (11)2018-6-5 MLC (12)2018-6-5 MLC (14)The Dalles Elders brought Sis Crookston up from Goldendale for an exchange here today.2018-6-5 MLC (15)Snacks were ready.  Some leave pretty early to get here, so they appreciate a little snack.  By the end of the day, the bowls are close to empty!2018-6-5 MLC (18)2018-6-5 MLC (19)2018-6-5 MLC (20)2018-6-5 MLC (21)Our mission leaders:2018-6-5 MLC (22)2018-6-5 MLC (23)2018-6-5 MLC (24)2018-6-5 MLC (25)2018-6-5 MLC (26)2018-6-5 MLC (27)2018-6-5 MLC (28)2018-6-5 MLC (29)2018-6-5 MLC (31)2018-6-5 MLC (32)2018-6-5 MLC (33)2018-6-5 MLC (34)2018-6-5 MLC (41)

Today’s agenda:2018-6-5 MLC (73)2018-6-5 MLC (30)And we begin with our mission song, Called to Serve!2018-6-5 MLC (35)2018-6-5 MLC (37)The APs conduct MLC meetings.2018-6-5 MLC (40)2018-6-5 MLC (43)2018-6-5 MLC (44)I was first on today’s agenda, with a training of my choice.  I decided to talk about what it means to be “highly favored of the Lord.”  Notes will follow.2018-6-5 MLC (65)2018-6-5 MLC (45)Then Pres Lewis talked about online proselyting and we discussed our best practices and ideas and our greatest distractions.  It’s been a wild and crazy good few months with the smart phones.  We’re learning how to use them effectively and trying to be careful with how we use our time with the phones.2018-6-5 MLC (46)Small group discussions about best practices, then about distractions and solutions.2018-6-5 MLC (48)2018-6-5 MLC (50)I LOVE how these missionaries learn and know the correct principles we are dealing with and then they come up with ways to implement them and improve.  These are the teachers in our mission.  They set the culture.  They are great examples.2018-6-5 MLC (51)2018-6-5 MLC (53)2018-6-5 MLC (54)2018-6-5 MLC (55)2018-6-5 MLC (56)2018-6-5 MLC (57)We recorded all of their ideas, problems and solutions.2018-6-5 MLC (59)2018-6-5 MLC (61)2018-6-5 MLC (72)Then Elder McKeen talked a bit about some technology issues and apps.2018-6-5 MLC (75)2018-6-5 MLC (76)And then Elder Hunt and Elder Donakey taught about key indicator accuracy in the Area Book Planner app.2018-6-5 MLC (77)2018-6-5 MLC (78)2018-6-5 MLC (80)2018-6-5 MLC (81)2018-6-5 MLC (83)2018-6-5 MLC (84)And then it was time for lunch!!2018-6-5 MLC (85)


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