A Quick Planning Party and Lunch with the APs

2018-6-6 Visit from APs (1)Today we went over the agendas for our last two zone conferences, which begin tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe they are next on the list.  For many of our missionaries, this will be the last time we see them while we are here.  It’s hard to prepare for so many goodbyes.  Maybe if I don’t show up, it will go away.2018-6-6 Visit from APs (2)The APs were hungry and we had some food.  Leftovers.  We are trying to empty out the fridge and freezers of all the parts and pieces that no one else would recognize.  But for today, we had food left from yesterday’s MLC.2018-6-6 Visit from APs (3)These two Elders are fantastic.  Elder Anderson returns home in 2 weeks.  Elder Veropalumbo will be here to welcome Pres and Sis Jackman with a new AP.  This great work just keeps rolling on, filling the whole earth with goodness.  It doesn’t really matter who steps on and off, it just keeps rolling.  What an amazing process!2018-6-6 Visit from APs (4)2018-6-6 Visit from APs (5)It’s just not very fun when it’s your turn to step off.

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