Interviews in Goldendale

2018-6-12 Interviews Goldendale (1)Today we headed south for our last full day of interviews with The Dalles Zone. Goldendale is about 1.5 hours south of Yakima, on the way to The Dalles, and this is always our first stop.

My question this transfer has been, “In what 3 ways would you like to be remembered?”

Sister Tenney and Sister Shinkle, serving in the Goldendale Ward2018-6-12 Interviews Goldendale (3)Sister Tenney:  I’d like people to remember the way they felt around me.  I’d like to be remembered for the way I loved others, and for my diligence.

Sister Shinkle:  I hope people will remember my positive attitude, my efforts to be obedient, and my love for those around me.2018-6-12 Interviews Goldendale (6)2018-6-12 Interviews Goldendale (5)

Here’s a fun viewpoint of the majestic mountains around us:2018-6-12 Interviews Goldendale (7)2018-6-12 Interviews Goldendale (8)2018-6-12 Interviews Goldendale (9)2018-6-12 Interviews Goldendale (10)2018-6-12 Interviews Goldendale (11)Then we continued on to The Dalles, down into the Columbia River gorge.  Here’s a little tug boat pulling a load:2018-6-12 Interviews The Dalles (1)

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