Transfer Planning Continues, Day 2

2018-6-14 Transfer planning (1)This morning we continued working on transfers.  It’s a long and thoughtful process.  By  lunch time, we were ready for a break.2018-6-14 Transfer planning (2)After lunch, I enjoyed watching Elder Veropalumbo and Elder Anderson send one of their friends a quick video chat.  They are encouraging him to be strong and of good courage!2018-6-14 Transfer planning (3)2018-6-14 Transfer planning (4)2018-6-14 Transfer planning (5)This new technology is so fun, and allows us to teach and share from where ever we may be.  These are such good Elders!2018-6-14 Transfer planning (6)Back at it:2018-6-14 Transfer planning (8)2018-6-14 Transfer planning (9)The electronic transfer board:2018-6-14 Transfer planning (13)2018-6-14 Transfer planning (15)We worked until dinner time, then the Elders had to go.2018-6-14 Transfer planning (17)We’ll continue tonight, and then again in the morning.  We don’t stop until it’s all as it should be, everyone in their place.2018-6-14 Transfer planning (18)

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