Days for Girls Carries on in Yakima!

IMG_1914Today was our monthly Days for Girls event in Yakima.  Next month we will celebrate our 3 year anniversary of this excellent service here.  I am sad to miss that party.  Today was a sweet time together with these dear friends.  Here are our DfG Yakima leaders:


Mei-lynne, Kathy, Toni, Ann, Eileen and Joan

IMG_1915IMG_1920IMG_1921We met Mary, from the West Valley Foursquare Church, who is working with a group traveling to Uganda in July.  Their church runs an orphanage there with about 180 children.  We gave her 30 kits to take to their young girls, with love from all of us here in Yakima.

IMG_1922IMG_1923IMG_1924IMG_1926IMG_1930IMG_1931IMG_1932IMG_1933IMG_1935IMG_1937IMG_1940IMG_1941IMG_1944IMG_1945IMG_1946IMG_1947IMG_1948IMG_1949IMG_1950IMG_1953IMG_1954IMG_1956I had to leave a few hours before our work day ended to travel to a Stake Conference in Moses Lake.  The final count wasn’t in yet, but I took what we’d finished home with me.  We have girls waiting in Zimbabwe for these kits, that will go with me to Utah, then into containers going to Zimbabwe.IMG_1961The Sisters were on their way in as I was on my way out!  IMG_1966Our Days for Girls has been an amazing community-wide project, bringing men and women together to work for a common good.  We make good friendships here.  We love our time to work side by side and visit and share.  I will miss these associations and these good women and the men who help.  They are dear to me.  I was touched today by their kind send off and assured them I’ll carry on with Days for Girls work as soon as I get home.  We are all in this together!

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