An Early Morning Airport Run

2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (1)Our alarms went off at 3:00 a.m. this morning.  These two got a bit of sleep.  Pres Lewis and I didn’t.  As we tried to go to bed, he made the mistake of mentioning to me that after tonight, we will only be in the Mission Home 3 more nights.    The reality of that struck me and I didn’t get one wink of sleep, as I thought about all the memories of this place, and how quickly we will be leaving here.  This home has been sacred ground to us.  Sacred because of the comings and goings of consecrated servants of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We have seen miracles here, and we will see more miracles before we leave here in a few days.

This morning these two Swedish visa waiters departed for their other field of labor, in Sweden.  We got them up and to the airport and onto their early morning flight.   More good byes.  We’ve come to love them and are grateful for their service here.2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (2)2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (3)2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (4)2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (5)2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (6)Sister Carol Cramer, from Selah, came to see us and to see Elder Bills off.  She has been a dear friend to us and all the missionaries serving in her ward.  Carol joined the church shortly before we arrived in Yakima.2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (7)2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (8)2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (9)2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (10)Last words of advice.2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (11)2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (12)2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (13)2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (14)We wish you well.2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (15)We were home by 5:30 as the sun was just coming up over the trees and the birds were chirping.  We crawled into bed for a short nap, before beginning this day all over again.2018-6-18 Airport 4 a.m (16)

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