The Vocabulary of President Lewis!

2018-4-5 MLC (57)

A year ago at our Aug 2017 MLC, I noticed one of our Zone Leaders taking notes.  Afterwards, he showed me a list he’d kept of words Pres Lewis said–these missionaries always get a kick out of hearing new vocabulary words.  They love writing them down, then trying to use them back in conversations with Pres Lewis.  Here’s Elder Vejnar’s list from that day:

2017-8-1 MLC (116)2017-8-1 MLC (117)

Months later, I thought it would be fun to capture a few more of his words and how he uses them in daily conversation, in trainings, or in talks.  I started a page in my notebook and then kept adding to it.  These words were spoken in our last 2-3 months in Yakima.  I thought I might get them typed up, but that hasn’t happened, so here you go–The Vocabulary of Pres Lewis!

2018-8-30 John's Mission Vocab (1)2018-8-30 John's Mission Vocab (2)2018-8-30 John's Mission Vocab (3)2018-8-30 John's Mission Vocab (4)2018-8-30 John's Mission Vocab (5)2018-8-30 John's Mission Vocab (6)

Those of you who have heard Pres Lewis teach or train, it’s a treat.  This is part of the reason why!

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