Interviews in Toppenish

2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (1)It’s Friday and today we greeted by these Elders in Toppenish!  We call this part of the Mission the Lower Valley.  The Spanish-speaking missionaries are part of the Yakima Valley Zone and the English-speaking are part of the Yakima Zone.2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (2)Our mission car:2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (3)Elder Dalton and Elder Ackerman, serving in the Yakima Zone, in the Zillah Ward2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (5)Elder Dalton:  People would say that the most likeable things about me are my smile, how I listen, and that I care about them.  I like to look people in the eye and try to read their body language.   Elder Ackerman listens really well.  When he laughs, other people laugh too.

Elder Ackerman:  I actively listen to people by paying attention to what they say.  Elder Dalton is honest and good at asking questions.

Notes to moms:2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (6)2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (8)Elder Ramirez and Elder Woodfield, serving in the Yakima Valley Zone, Toppenish East area2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (10)Elder Ramirez:  people would say I’m “Chill.”  I am not quick to offend.  I’m tolerant and I go with the flow.   Elder Woodfield is steady and consistent, a pillar personality, and he is always there for you.  We love working together.

Elder Woodfield:  I do not teach people things they already know.  I learn about them first rather than having an agenda.  I try to make them more important than what I think needs to be done.    Elder Ramirez is naturally funny.  In conversations, funny things jut come out.  He doesn’t try to be funny, he just is.  He’s really good at communicating ane connecting with people.2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (12)

Elder DeBry and Elder Anderson, serving in the Yakima Valley, Toppenish West area2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (14)Elder DeBry:  I’m the type of person that is genuine, calm and engaging.  (“Chill.”)   Elder Anderson really tries to show his interest and he really cares about others through his thoughts and feelings.

Elder Anderson:  I can relate to people and understand their needs.  I’m a peacemaker.  Elder DeBry is charismatic.  He’s an amazing listener–he allows pauses in conversations.  He’s patient and an awesome teacher who allows the Spirit to teach.  For him, that’s super natural.2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (16)2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (17)2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (18)2017-5-19 Interviews Toppenish, Sunnyside (19)Next stop:  Sunnyside!

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An Auto Mechanic Sort of Special Assignment

2017-5-18 Car Elders (1)Elder Tietjen, Elder Folkman and Elder Carroll have a special assignment right now.  They are helping folks with car troubles around this part of the mission.  They spend a few hours each day working on cars of investigators and those in need.  They have a list supplied by other missionaries and members of those who need their help.  Their service has been fabulous and many are grateful.

Today as we stopped by the office on our way home, they were there, fixing a front bumper and inspecting a couple of mission cars.  It’s so nice to know Elders who have some special skills!2017-5-18 Car Elders (2)2017-5-18 Car Elders (3)2017-5-18 Car Elders (4)2017-5-18 Car Elders (7)2017-5-18 Car Elders (8)2017-5-18 Car Elders (9)2017-5-18 Car Elders (10)2017-5-18 Car Elders (11)2017-5-18 Car Elders (12)2017-5-18 Car Elders (13)Car inspection form:2017-5-18 Car Elders (14)The beloved TIWI that keeps track of car movement:2017-5-18 Car Elders (15)

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Interviews with the Yakima Zone

2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (1).JPGToday we met with part of the Yakima Zone at the Yakima Stake Center.  We were greeted by Zone Leaders, Elders Hughes and Hoskins.  They are fabulous.  Sometimes as missionaries near the end, I try to remember what they were like when they first arrived.  There is no way to quantify the change we see.  With my sons, I called it “The Miraculous Transformation.”  These to will go home next transfer changed.  It’s thrilling to see.  We had a fabulous day with this part of the Zone.  Tomorrow we’ll finish the visiting down in the Lower Valley.

Elder Hughes and Elder Hoskins, Zone Leaders in Yakima, serving in the Cottonwood Canyon and YSA Wards2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (4)Elder Hughes:  I have a positive attitude in every situation, even when things are bleak. Elder Hoskins is a hard worker and he shows it.  He has a great attitude about missionary work.

Elder Hoskins:  I am positive.  I like to find the good in all things and in all people.  Elder Hughes is likable because he is non-judgmental and he loves to help others no matter what.

Elder Saitman and Elder Christiansen, serving in the Yakima Summitview Ward2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (6)Elder Saitman:  I am funny and loyal.   Elder Christiansen is super compassionate.  He totally has a sense of sympathy and takes it into himself.  He wants to help and encourage others.  He’s tough on one side and sensitive on the other.

Elder Christiansen:  I’m a good listener and I know how to relate to people.   Elder Saitman is super energetic.  He knows how to relate to people.  He’s very intellectual and can speak about topics that go way over my head!  He bounces around and is really happy.2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (8)Years ago, Elder Saitman invented his own secret code.  Here are his personal goals written in that code:2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (11)A happy bunch of Elders:2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (13)Elder Painter and Elder Bee, serving in the Yakima Randall Park Ward2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (15)Elder Painter:  They say I’m charitable.  I try to genuinely listen and do small and simple things for others.  I actually listen, really listen.  I like to read body language and discern needs.  I know when to comfort others.   Elder Bee knows how to address people’s needs and concerns.  He is good at giving them straight answers.

Elder Bee:  I like to make things fun and make the best of situations.   Elder Painter is overall very upbeat and he gives off happy vibes.  He’s very loving, soft-spoken, and he thinks about the things he says.

Elder Sailsbery and Elder Peterson, serving in the Yakima Meadowbrook Ward2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (17)Elder Sailsbery:  I am easy going and I like to laugh.  I’m interested in a wide variety of things.  Elder Peterson is easy to talk with and he loves to laugh.

Elder Peterson:  I smile a lot.   Elder Sailsbery is always happy and fun to be around.2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (18)Note to mom:2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (19)A patient member, providing transport.  We have the Best Ever Members here.  They take such good care of our missionaries.2017-5-18 Interviews Yakima Zone (23)It was an early out day!  Finished by early afternoon!  Wow.

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Interviews with the Yakima Valley Spanish Zone

2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (2)Hurrah for Israel today in Yakima with our Spanish speakers!  We had a very long full day with these good missionaries, 17 in all.  It’s exhausting in a good sort of way.  Pres Lewis is the one you want to talk to if you have issues or concerns.  He can help you figure things out.  While he’s interviewing, I continue “visiting” with each companion.  This time we are talking about being LIKEABLE and “more fit for the kingdom, more used would I be” (from the hymn, More Holiness Give Me).  You’ll be excited to see and share the handouts when I post them.

These handsome Elders are Even More Handsome, now that their white shirts stay tucked in All The Time.  They were so excited to show me their new Sock to Shirt Garters purchased at the local Men’s Warehouse.  Elder  Nelson discovered these.  They clip on to their shirts in 4 places to keep them nicely tucked into their pants.  They were pretty excited.  Reminded me of my mothers girdles and hose before panty hose was invented!2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (3)Today’s schedule before we got hours behind:2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (4)Greeting the Elders at the top of the day:2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (5)Elder Wunderlich and Elder Favilla, serving as Zone Leaders in the Yakima Valley Zone, Englewood Branch2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (8)Elder Wunderlich:  I suppose people would say the most likeable thing about me is that I’m genuine.   Elder Favilla is a consistently happy person.  He always smiles and is honest with his feelings.

Elder Favilla:  I am usually smiling and laughing about the little things.   Elder Wunderlich is always animated and goofy about things!  If you get him on a topic he likes, he’s all for it and loves to talk about it.  He’s also good at beat-boxing in the car.2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (9)Elder Blake and Elder Nielson, serving in the Yakima Valley East area, Englewood Branch2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (10)Elder Blake:  the nicest thing about me?  my not receding hairline.  (“I NEVER think about those things.”   Elder Nielson is always generous with his stuff.  He shares.  He’s not possessive.  He doesn’t hold grudges.

Elder Nielson:  I’m always ready to joke around and have fun.  Elder Blake is really humble.  He’s not fake humble.  He’s genuine.  He’s confident, but not proud.  He also likes to joke around.

Elder Davis and Elder Nelson, serving in the Selah Nachees area, Englewood Branch2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (11)Elder Davis:  I listen to others.   Elder Nelson always puts others first.  He’s never negative about anyone’s ideas.

Elder Nelson:  I am understanding.  Elder Davis is very funny and very positive.

2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (14)2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (16)Hermana Dungan and Hermana Andrews, serving in the Yakima Central area, Englewood Branch2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (18)Hermana Dungan:  Sis Lewis says I’m genuine, warm and good and like a big sister to all the other sisters.   Hna Andrews is always genuine, kind and caring.

Hermana Andrews:  I am willing to listen.  I may not now what advice to give, but I will listen to you.   Hna Dungan pays attention to the unspoken needs of others.

Elder Amat and his new Ecuadorian flag:2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (21)Elder Amat and Elder Nunez, serving in the Yakima Valley Terrace Heights Branch2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (24)Elder Amat:  people like my youthful spirit.   Elder Nunez is very diligent and supportive. He jokes around (in Mexican ways) and really understands the Mexican culture.

Elder Nunez:  People would say I’m helpful, kind sometimes, and I know when to joke around if the situation needs it.   Elder Amat is funny.  He’s authentic.  He’s himself.  He has a lot of energy.

The Englewood chapel:2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (1)and the floor plan of this building:2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (25)Signing a souvenir flag:2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (27)Patiently waiting for his turn, Elder Sanchez studies:2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (28)2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (29)Re-scheduling dinner appointments.  We are way behind.2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (30)Hermana Powell and Hermana Robinson, serving in the Yakima Valley Moxee / Terrace Heights Branch2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (33)Hermana Powell:  I think people notice my enthusiasm.  I have a lot of energy and like to channel it to others.   Hna Robinson is super genuine.  She takes time to understand things.  She doesn’t assume things.  She 100% cares.

Hermana Robinson:  I’m positive and I like to smile.  Hna Powell is very emotionally involved with those we meet.  She overflows with emotion and connects emotionally with people.

Hermana Young, Hermana Hull and Hermana Pinckard, serving in the Yakima Valley North Spanish, Englewood Branch2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (39)Hermana Young:  I’ll talk to anyone and help them feel loved.   Hna Hull loves EVERYONE endlessly, wants the best for everyone and makes everyone feel like family.   Hna Pinckard jumps right into every new situation with a smile.  She finds small ways to serve others and she’s a hard worker!

Hermana Hull:  I am funny and hilarious.  lol.  idk.   Hna Young is ALWAYS fun and happy.  Hna Pinckard has Spunk!  She is so real.

Hermana Pinckard:  I’ve always got a smile.  Hna Young will do anything to care and serve anyone she comes in contact with.  Hna Hull can always brighten someone’s day if they’re down.

Elder Sanchez and Elder Beaumont, serving in the Yakima Valley South, Terrace Heights Branch2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (40)Elder Sanchez:  I have spontaneous facial expressions and reactions and I enjoy music. Elder Beaumont takes time explaining things and is patient when he teaches to make sure everyone understands.

Elder Beaumont:  I am friendly.  I try to include everyone and not be judgmental.   Elder Sanches is very caring and always interested in what people say.  He asks very good questions and wants to know them better.  2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (41)Great haircut!2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (42)Elder Sanchez’s combo Spanish-English Preach My Gospel!2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (43)Farewells:2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (44)2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (46)Dropping the Elders off with a member in their area.2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (48)Heading to a lesson:2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (49)2017-5-17 Interviews Yak Valley SP (50)It’s going to be a great evening.  We have such amazing missionaries.

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Gathering at Ensign Ranch

IMG_6760After visiting in Cle Elum, we moved on up the mountains to Ensign Ranch, where we had our annual potluck gathering with the missionaries there.  In a couple of weeks Ensign Ranch will be filled with campers–girls camps, scout camps and family campers. These good couples and young missionaries are gearing up for the fun.Map Cle Elum, Ensign RanchIMG_6761IMG_6762IMG_6763IMG_6764IMG_6765IMG_6767IMG_6768IMG_6769We had a delightful evening and a delicious meal.IMG_6770IMG_6771The Omans (our WYM Senior Couple, above), and President and Sister Packard, our Selah Stake President (below).IMG_6772Oh, how we love these good people who leave their homes, families and grandkids to come serve here at this beautiful mountain paradise.

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Interviews in Cle Elum

IMG_6753From Selah, we drove to Cle Elum to visit with our Elders serving there.  Cle Elum is in the Selah stake at the far eastern side of our mission.  It’s up in the Cascade Mountains, a beautiful resort-ish area on the road to Seattle.  In the summer, the population explodes. Fow not, it’s still a sleepy little mountain town.Map Selah Stake

Here is the Branch building.  IMG_6749IMG_6752IMG_6754Elder Ranta and Elder Hanna, serving in the Cle Elum Branch.  IMG_6757Elder Ranta:  People would say I’m confident and hard-working.  Elder Hanna has a really really good smile.  When he’s comfortable, he’s warm and welcoming and can be a fun goof ball!  His brain is like a computer–he has an excellent memory, especially with maps and remembering conversations.

Elder Hanna:  I enjoy good things about everyone.  Elder Ranta is very good at helping others feel comfortable in a very non-threatening way.  He’s positive and good.  He builds others up and is a people person.  He’s full of positive energy.  He does a great Batman voice and tells silly stories.IMG_6759

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Interviews with the Selah Zone

This week we are back doing interviews throughout the mission.  Today is Tuesday and we were in Selah with the Selah Zone.  While Pres Lewis interviews each missionary, I continue to visit with their companion.  My topic this round is being Likeable.  As we get to the end of this transfer’s interviews, I’ll share all the handouts I’m giving the missionaries that make for a great discussion.

I am asking each, “What would people say is the most likeable thing about you?” and then I ask what they think the most likeable thing about their companion is.

Elder Vejnar and Elder Hansen, Zone Leaders serving in the Selah 1st WardIMG_6709Elder Vejnar:  I am down to earth about things and I enjoy being realistic in a comical way.  Sometimes I just run my mouth.   Elder Hansen is very sincere about getting to know people.  He’s not shy at all.  He’s very observant and compliments people we meet. He tinkers with things and asks questions about the things he notices.

Elder Hansen:  I like to make everyone feel equal.   Elder Vejnar loves making people happy and laugh.  He’s a goof off.  He loves to chat with people and shoot the breeze.


Elders Carroll, Folkman and Tietjen, serving in the Selah, Nachees areas, with a special assignment to help with auto repairsIMG_6717Elder Carroll:  I am easy going and make jokes.  Elder Folkman is himself all the time and acts the same with everyone.  He’s pretty chill.   Elder Tietjen is very caring and good at looking out for people who need help or need a friend.

Elder Folkman:  I’m good at achieving goals that help me to be happy.  Elder Carroll is a very open person.  He doesn’t hold back.  He’s easy to understand.  Elder Tietjen is really good at showing he cares about you.  People definitely know he cares by his enthusiasm about being with them.

Elder Tietjen:  I am understanding and always there to support and listen.   Elder Carroll is really good at making other people happy.  He adapts to people and focuses on others. Elder Folkman is really good at loving other people.  He cares about influencing people in a positive way.  He encourages me to do things that make me happy (like exercising!).

Elder Folkman is the District Leader for this Selah District.  They had their weekly District Meeting while interviews continued.IMG_6720IMG_6721IMG_6722IMG_6723IMG_6724

Elder North and Elder Hamblin, serving in the Yakima 3rd WardIMG_6726Elder North:  I’m a diligent worker and I enjoy talking to people.  Elder Hamblin is personable and always interested in what people say.  He makes great eye contact and talks like he really cares, asking lots of questions.

Elder Hamblin:  I’m really easy to get along with because I’m understanding of others’ needs.  I take time to listen and I try to care.   Elder North is a really fun person to be around.  He’s always looking for an adventure.  It’s always fun to work with him.  We have fun conversations.

Elder Olson and Elder Sandholz, serving in the Yakima 2nd WardIMG_6731Elder Olson:  I would say the most likeable thing about me is my humor–in both the things I say and do.  I’m pretty genuine and real.  Elder Sandholz is real with people.  He’s pretty funny too!

Elder Sandholz:  My mom would say I’m loving, funny, kind, sensitive, sincere and caring.  And she says I have a glow about me.  Elder Olson is definitely funny in a goofy good sort of way.  He’s funny and fun.  He’s also very knowledgeable.  IMG_6732What’s on the back of those nametags??IMG_6733IMG_6734Scotcheroos!IMG_6735

Sister Don and Sister Enman, serving in the Terrace Heights WardIMG_6737Sister Don:  I try to empathize with others.  People can trust me and they tell me their problems.  Sister Enman is really energetic.  People draw from her happy energy.

Sister Enman:  I am able to be positive in all situations.  Sister Enman is always “go get ’em” and she knows what she wants to do and has a plan to get there.  She’s a finisher and she gets the work done.IMG_6742Sister Lowham and Sister Boehmer, serving in the Selah 2nd Ward (above on the right)

Sister Lowham:  I would say that the nicest thing about me is that I am always friendly and easy to get along with.   Sister Boehmer is always herself and can relate to anyone.  She is always laughing and smiling.  She’s very outgoing.

Sister Boehmer:  I think people would say I’m kind and cheerful.   Sister Lowham is very nice, sweet, genuine, quiet and we had the same trainer.

Elders heading out to do service:IMG_6744

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