Renovations in Quincy –Remember Linoleum?

2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy (16)Tuesday when we went to Quincy for meetings, we discovered the building was full of workers making changes.  All the carpet throughout the entire building had been pulled up and was being replaced.  As we went in to explore a bit, we walked on sticky linoleum (the carpet glue stuck to our shoes) and found all the rooms emptied into the cultural hall.

I said to the Elders, “This is Historic!  See this floor?? It’s probably from the early 1960s!” They weren’t sure why I was so excited about that, but they humored me and watched me taking photos of the linoleum floor.  Maybe some of you grew up on floors like that as I did.  It brought back floods of memories.2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy (19)I wondered how many children in Primary and Sunday School classes played on those floors, sometimes covered with throw rugs, braided by Relief Society sisters.  I thought about Sacrament meetings and the happy noises of children echoing off the floors. Cheerios used to roll really far on those floors!  It pulled me right back into that world for a few minutes.   I was a young girl when our family joined the LDS Church.  In that day our floors were linoleum like these.  2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy (20)I decided someone needed to capture this revealed floor, just for the memory of it.  I’m sure many of you in Quincy will smile when you see it, just like I did.  It brings back happy childhood memories for me, maybe for you as well.    2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy (21) 2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy (22) 2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy (49) 2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy (50)2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy (17)2015-9-15 Training 1.1 Quincy (18)I’m sure by next Sunday it will all be put back together again, and that linoleum will be hidden for another decade or two.  I’m happy I got to see it this week.  I’m also happy thinking about how far we’ve come in the last 50 years or so.  I’m grateful for our beautiful buildings and chapels and meeting houses.  We use them well and their rooms and hallways are filled with love and happy memories.

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