Interviews in Selah

2016-2-17 Interviews Selah (5)Today we finished meeting with the Selah Zone.  It was a great day, dawn to dark with these wonderful missionaries.  We have the Best Job Ever.2016-2-17 Interviews Selah (9)Elder Ranta:  I really enjoy reading the scriptures-more and more.  I enjoy teaching from them.  I am comfortable talking to people and it’s easy for me to speak in front of people.  I can cook well too.

Elder Cicon:  I’m funny (I have a sense of humor).  I like studying the scriptures and Preach My Gospel.  I like listening to music and reading.  I’m bouncy (I’m good at bouncing back from stuff).  I’m happy-go-lucky.

2016-2-17 Interviews Selah (16)Sister Heffernan:  I”m patient with different circumstances.  I think I can maintain an optimistic attitude.  I’m pretty calm and mild–I don’t like drama.  I can pretty much get along wtih anyone.

Sister Atkinson:  I’m a ballroom dancer and I play softball.  I like putting together what looks good together.  I’m good at visual design and accessorizing things.  I am developing more patience and becoming more out-going.  I’m learning to trust more in the Lord and His timing.  I’m planting seeds.  I trust the Lord.

2016-2-17 Interviews Selah (22)Elder Anderson:  I’m good at dealing with people.  I care about others.  I can help others.  I like to long-board and read.  I like studying the gospel in depth.

Elder Olson:  I’m good at having fun.  I’m easy going.  My mom would say I’m a goof ball.  I enjoy music, history and computers.

2016-2-17 Interviews Selah (21)Sister Averett:  I play the piano, organ and can sing.  I like being a leader.  I’m a good listener and like to help people who are struggling.  Is being tall a talent??  I strive to be happy.  I’m a good friend, soft-hearted, patient, and I can see the good in others.

Sister Hill:  I like to dance–it makes me happy.  I like to take care of others–cooking and cleaning and talking with them.  I like to help others solve their problems.  As an oldest child, I’m good at understanding others.  I think that’s it!

2016-2-17 Interviews Selah (6).JPGElder Boshard:  I do film.  I’m pretty good at listening to people.  I like music–guitar and piano.  I am good at discerning things.

Elder Hanna:  I play the piano, have a good memory and good intellect.  I have an understanding of obedience and diligence.  I know the doctrine and understand accountability and responsibility.  A strength I’ve worked on a lot is prayer.  I have the ability to change, fix, improve and repent.

2016-2-17 Interviews Selah (8)Sister Karony:  I love singing, reading and understanding the scriptures and applying them to myself and others.  I’m good at adapting and am always seeking to improve.  I have faith and I love others.

Sister Smith:  I enjoy listening to people I don’t know yet.  I play soccer.  I’m pretty smart–a quick learner.  I like talking with people I’m comfortable with and know well.  I enjoy living the gospel and immersing myself in it.  I love studying and learning and teaching.  I also love animals.
I probably say this every day, but I mean it.  I LOVE THESE MISSIONARIES!!

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