Transfer Planning and Exit Interviews

img_8457At 11:00 today the Yakima ZLs came over so Elder Jarvis could have his exit interview.  At noon the APs joined us and we had a nice fish taco lunch together before Elder Shugart had his exit interview.  President Lewis interviews the local missionaries first, which saves more time on Monday for those coming from afar.img_8452img_8455img_8458img_8461img_8463Before the ZLs left, they looked at maps of areas and offered input on some area changes we will be making.img_8471Then we went back to work staring at the transfer board for the rest of the afternoon. . . img_8477Elder Poloncic and Elder Johnson joined us for dinner when their dinner appointment fell through.img_8483They took great pride in following all the manner instructions from Zone Conference!img_8486img_8489Then back to transfers.  We stared at the board into the evening. img_8494img_8498After a lot of thought and prayer, the changes were finalized.  Now we sleep on it and in the morning the leadership calls go out!img_8502img_8504

During all the excitement of staring at the board today and this evening, WE BECAME GRANDPARENTS!!  Our son and his wife delivered a beautiful baby boy this evening at 8:00 in Provo, Utah.  All is well, all is well.

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1 Response to Transfer Planning and Exit Interviews

  1. Amy Moser says:

    Congrats on the grandbaby and becoming grandparents! And thank you always for giving me these updates and insights into my missionary’s labors. He is greatly blessed to be under your tutelage. You people are the salt if the earth.

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