Come, Let Us Adore Him

img_3292Tonight was the first of two musical evenings in the Yakima Stake Center.  We went to Bethlehem and enjoyed a magical musical pageant.  It was wonderful.  Many from our community attended–the house was packed.  I wonder how they’ll fit even more in tomorrow.  Here’s a look at the program:img_3305img_3294img_3295Afterwards:img_3296img_3298img_3299img_3300img_3301img_3302img_3303img_3304img_3306img_3307img_3308img_3314img_3309

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2 Responses to Come, Let Us Adore Him

  1. Lori Folkman says:

    That looks amazing! Live chickens and everything!


  2. Amy Moser says:

    Can you give me contact info for the person who directed this musical night? I am looking for something for our stake to possibly do next year. They do some wonderful looking stuff over in Yakima. First the Broadway night and now this! We are slacking big time over here! ( I could use info on that stuff as well.)


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