Santa Stops in Toppenish

img_5299We went to Toppenish after the baptism in Sunnyside with a Christmas package to deliver.  It was cold and white.  Everything was white.  This is the road to where Elder Horsley and Elder Walters live.  It was truly a winter wonderland in this southern part of the valley.img_5301The Elders weren’t home, but we went in anyway to leave the package.img_5302The wood shed and the wheelbarrow:img_5304This missionary home was warm and cozy inside, and it was filled with the Christmas Spirit!img_5305img_5306img_5308img_5309img_5310img_5311img_5312img_5313img_5314img_5316img_5317img_5318img_5319img_5320img_5321I loved seeing how these Elders live.  There is love here and happy things.  And good food in the fridge, and no messes.img_5322Even the dirty dishes looked clean!img_5323img_5324img_5326What a beautiful place to spend Christmas!img_5327

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2 Responses to Santa Stops in Toppenish

  1. Brett Horsley says:

    Thank you so much for all of those wonderful pictures! Tell Elder Horsley we love him.

    You are the best Mission president and wife ever!

    Love the Horsley’s.

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Bernadette Walters says:

    Sister Lewis, Thank you for a sneak peek into the home of Elder Walters. We’ve never had a tour of their place:)
    We love your blog.
    Love, The Walters Family


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