Interviews with the Yakima Valley Zone

2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (1)Elder Eliason greeted us this morning at the Yakima Stake Center when we arrived for interviews here.

Elder Ackerman and Elder Eliason, serving in the Yakima Summitview Ward2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (2)Elder Ackerman:  3 wishes:  Happiness, Peace and Joy.  My favorite tie is blue and it has stars on it.  I made it myself.

Elder Eliason:  3 wishes:  I wish I could fly.  I wish I had endless chocolate milk.  I wish I had a nice truck.  I’m wearing my favorite tie–it has silver and blue squares.

Here’s what’s in their tracting bags (notice the smoke mask!).2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (5)2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (6)

Sister Shinkle and Sister Harty , serving in the Yakima Ahtanum Creek and YSA Wards2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (11)Sister Shinkle:  3 wishes:  I wish to find a man who will love me no matter what and be sealed to him for eternity.  I want to have all of my kids stay active in the church.  I want to return from my mission knowing I did my absolute best and did everything I could.  My favorite dress is blue & white striped.  It’s a soft, thin, comfy dress.  Only one thing is it doesn’t have pockets.

Sister Harty:  3 wishes:  To find my eternal companion quickly after I get home, to have lots of kids after I get home, and to have my family move to Utah!  My favorite dress is a jeanish looking dress with white lace at the bottom that I got for my birthday.  I wear it with a cardigan that has sleeves.

What’s in your tracting bag??2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (8)2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (9)2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (12)This is a cool bag.  The company OTIWAA = Oh, that I were an angel.2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (13)

Next, the McKeens came to visit!  They brought us some homemade salsa and chips!  YUM.2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (15)

Elder and Sister McKeen are here as CES Missionaries, working with the Young Single Adults, teaching Institute at the medical school, and here in the valley.  They are also finding lost single adults.  They’re from Arizona and they are fantastic.2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (16)Elder McKeen:  3 wishes:  I wish I could remember everything I read.  I wish for all of my kids and grandkids to be together in the celestial room, and I wish I were 6’5″ tall!  My favorite tie is solid yellow.

Sister McKeen:  I wish the fires burning around us could be put out.  I wish fir family blessings and I wish for help finding our YSA kids.  My favorite dress is red.

2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (17)Here’s what’s in their bags:2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (19)2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (20)


Elder Johnson and Elder Putman, Zone Leaders serving in the Yakima Cottonwood Canyon and YSA Wards2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (22)Elder Johnson:  3 wishes:  I want to marry in the temple, play professional basketball and have an endless supply of sushi.  My favorite ties are Dazi or Penguin brand floral ties.

Elder Putnam:  3 wishes:  I wish that I could keep on finding people to teach.  I wish my brother will chose to go on a mission.  I wish to be able to play music in college.  My favorite tie is a darker purple one with stripes.

Here’s what’s in our bags:2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (23)Mostly just scriptures for Elder Johnson, and a few other things for Elder Putnam.2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (25)Nice duct tape repair job:2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (26)

Elder Miwa and Elder Peterson, serving in the Yakima Meadowbrook Ward2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (21)Elder  Miwa:  3 wishes:  lots of money–I’d like a yacht and to travel all over with my family.  I’d like to see an angel.  I’d like more wishes, or to live until the 2nd Coming and be twinkled.  My favorite tie is cream with pink flowers.  I’m wearing it.

Elder Peterson:  3 wishes:  I wish for our investigators to stop smoking, for Meadowbrook to turn into a car area so we don’t have to walk, and I want a gulf stream jet.  My favorite tie is “Starry Starry Night” by Van Gogh.

In our bags:2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (28)A Trunky Planner:2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (29)2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (32)

Off to do some service at the Food Bank:2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (34)

Elder Painter and Elder Draper, serving in the Yakima Randall Park Ward2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (36)Elder Painter:  3 wishes:  I wish for the fires to stop.  I wish for full tuition to pay for my college studies, and I wish to travel the world.  My favorite tie has a blue background with a floral print.  It was made for me by the Grants.

Elder Draper:  3 wishes:  I wish I could be with my sister at BYU-I.  I wish I could’ve developed a better relationship with my sister.  I hope that I can develop a better relationship with my sister.  My favorite tie is light blue–it matches well with my light gray proselyting pants.2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (45)

What’s in our bags:2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (37)2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (38)Yay for My Family Booklets!!!2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (41)2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (42)2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (43)2017-9-7 Interviews Yakima Zone (46)

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