Monday at the Office

2017-9-11 Monday Office (5)This morning we had the vehicle meeting.  Imagine sorting out the miles allotted to each car in the mission.  It takes some doing.  We also have old cars going out and new cars coming in and a guest, Brother Ott, from Salt Lake visiting this week’s zone conferences to install new TIWIs in all of the mission cars.  Lots to do.  2017-9-11 Monday Office (6)Not many came in to email from here today.  Just a few.2017-9-11 Monday Office (1)Package from home!2017-9-11 Monday Office (2)2017-9-11 Monday Office (3)Mail will be distributed at zone conferences this week!2017-9-11 Monday Office (7)2017-9-11 Monday Office (8)In our staff meeting, Sister Call gave a most excellent devotional thought.  She read a testimony of the Book of Mormon from Pres Hinckley and the Pres Monson’s last testimony from April Conference.  2017-9-11 Monday Office (10)Both testify and witness of the same blessings to us in these days as we read the Book of Mormon.  These are beautiful powerful promises.  What a gift the Book of Mormon is in this day and age!  I’m so grateful for it.  I cannot imagine not having those words.  I have read the Book of Mormon at least twice a year since I was 17.  That’s a lot of reading.  I love these scriptures and the inspiration I draw from these words every day.  These promises are real:2017-9-11 Monday Office (12)2017-9-11 Monday Office (9)

Here are our Terrace Heights Elders who promised me they’d get their hair cut today.  They went over to a beauty school and got free haircuts!2017-9-11 Monday Office (13)Here is the after picture, as I promised!2017-9-11 Monday Office (14)2017-9-11 Monday Office (15)

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