Interviews in Ellensburg

2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (2)Leaving Wenatchee, we drove from Fall into Winter, heading to Ellensburg, an hour or so on the other side of the mountains.  We drove through some snow and some hail, and came out on the other end in the chilly Ellensburg valley.2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (5)These good Elders met us and interviews continued here.2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (6)

Elder Sorenson and Elder Heaps, serving in Cle Elum2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (7)Elder Sorenson:  I competed in a world Robotic competition.  I played the trombone in middle school jazz band.  I drilled a hole through my thumb.

Elder Heaps:  I love to drum.  I know how to program computers.  My eyes occasionally change colors from green to brown to gray.

Elder Olson and Elder Redford, serving in the Ellensburg 2nd Ward2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (8)Elder Olson:  I was a fire fighter.  I’ve been to Alaska.  I used to play the bass guitar.

Elder Redford:  I was a high school mascot for 3 years at Snake River HS in Blackfood, ID.  I love building things like houses.  I love to do the Lord’s work through service.2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (30)

Elder Jex and Elder Aguilar, serving the Ellensburg Young Single Adults2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (9)Elder Jex:  Tweezers when into my eye when I was twelve.  I’ve never received a speeding ticket (never been caught)!  I love musicals.

Elder Aguilar:  I grew up in the Mormon colonies in Mexico (Nuevo Casas Grandes and Colonia Juarez).  I don’t like pickles.  I got my license at age 18 after becoming an Eagle Scout.

Elder Jex’s tracting bag (missed it last time):2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (11)

Sister Thayer and Sister Wilcox, serving in the Ellensburg 1st Ward2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (16)Sister Thayer:  I have done the splits 4 times in my life (all here on my mission).  Once I donated 2 feet of my hair.  As a baby, one of my fingers was chopped off.  It was sewn back on and is now as good as new.

Sister Wilcox:  The right side of my lip is numb.  I have a twin brother.  If I hit my funny bone, I pass out.

Hermanas Gomez, Hurst and Petersen, serving in the Ellensburg 1st Ward2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (27)Hermana Gomez:  I bruise super easily.  I speak French too.  I played soccer, lacrosse, fencing and did weight lifting in high school.

Hermana Hurst:  My favorite food is tomatoes.  I’m named after a TV show (Moesha=>Alesha).  I started reading Harry Potter books before I went to 1st grade (and I skipped kindergarten).

Hermana Petersen:  I carry a paint can opener in my purse at all times.  I love to paint.  When I was 12 I would powerglide with my dad.  I’ve dissected a shark the length of a truck bed in a marine biology class at BYU-Hawaii.

Hermana Hurst’s tracting bag (missed it last time):2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (18)This was really cool:2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (19)2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (20)And here are a few of her Halloween treats!2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (21)Hermana Petersen has filled up her first journal–the last day of year 1 filled the last page!2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (25)2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (26)2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (29)

Dropping by with a YSA friend:2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (32)My dinner:2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (34)

Elder Holt and Elder Leonard, serving in the Ellensburg 3rd Ward2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (36)Elder Holt:  I’ve eaten shark, escargot, sushi, frog legs, balote, rocky mountain oysters, alligator, oysters, clams, and a lot of other interesting things.  I’ve had a hat fish hook go through my finger.  I love my MOM more than food!

Elder Leonard:  I only have 9 3/4 fingers.  I smashed the tip of my finger just before coming on my mission.  I am the oldest of 7.  I have been in 6 plays.2017-11-3 zzInterviews Ellensburg (38)We finished at about 9:00 p.m. and headed back home to Yakima.  What a great week.  What a great bunch of missionaries!

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