Notes on a Sunday Evening –Sis Lewis

2018-6-10 Sunday Englewood (18)

Englewood Rama Sacrament Meeting 10 June 2018
Sister Lewis

Have you ever turned on the radio in the car and listened to a song you heard when you were younger, and you knew every single word of it?  When you were younger, did you sit down every night and try to memorize those words?

ow do you know all the words to so many songs??  Pepe Moreno is a DJ. He probably  has 100s of songs in his head.  How many songs do you have in your head?  Did you sit down to try to memorize all of them?

You probably just heard them enough so that the words went into your mind and somehow they stayed there.  Years later, you will hear a song and know all of the words.
They are in us, a part of us.

I believe the same thing can happen with WORDS.  If we hear or read the words of Christ in the scriptures, His thoughts go into our minds line by line.  In time, we begin to think what He thought.   His words become a part of who we are.  Without even being conscious of it, we are learning the language of the Spirit.

The more we do this, the more we are able to think what Jesus thought and understand how he did the things he did.  Our lives become more like His because our minds begin to think like His.  We are able to follow him because we become like him.

We’ve talked about music and words.
Now let’s talk about our Actions.

Let’s talk about what members of Christ’s church do.
We go to church for 3 hours every Sunday
We have Family Home Evening on Monday nights
We have Youth Activities every week
We have Seminary classes before school
We pray and thank Heavenly Father for every meal
We have personal prayers morning and evening and more
We read our scriptures every day
We are missionaries and talk to our friends about what we believe
We plan and help with special activities
We accept callings to serve wherever we are asked to help
We have Presidency and leadership meetings
We have Family Events
We go to Firesides
We attend the temple
We visit and look after others in our neighborhoods
We try our hardest to keep a lot of commandments
We are always busy.

Do you ever get tired and wonder WHY we do all these things?  Does it all really matter? Does it really make a difference?  Can we still be good if we just stay home and think about being good, or if we are lazy?

What is happening to us when we do all of our “church” things?  Sometimes it may feel like we are just very busy, going though the motions of being “active.”  We don’t always realize the effect this “activity” has on our lives, or in our hearts. (It’s like all the music playing on the radio.)

As we Do all these things, every day, every week, every year, it’s like putting music into our minds that somehow stays there, whether we intend for that to happen or not.

The things we do, like being kind and helping others, change us.  They change our hearts. They change who we ARE.

Being active in church is like listening to songs on the radio.  Or like reading lots of wonderful things Jesus said. Without always realizing it, these things CHANGE us.

This is what I have learned:

Just like the Music that goes into us, stays there, or Words that go into us, stay there,
The Things that we do change us. They change our hearts.

This is why the scriptures tell us that we must be “anxiously engaged in a good cause . . . and bring to pass much righteousness.” (D&C 58:27)

Heavenly Father is happy when we change for the good.  We come here to get help to change.  Everything around you will change you–even if you don’t notice it.  So we must be in the right places doing the right things. EVERY DAY!

Because you came here today, you will be better than if you stayed at home. I am happy you came today.  I like being around people who are changing because I am trying to change too!  I know Heavenly Father loves us and will help us.  This is where He wants us to be. That is my testimony.

I love you all and will miss being near you.

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