Christmas Celebration with our Mission Couples

2015-12-7 CMS Party (34).JPGTonight we had a marvelous Christmas celebration with all of our mission couples, including the Mission Presidency and wives, our Yakima Mission office staff, and our other volunteer missionaries.

Pictured above is our Presidency:  the Reynolds, the Gardners and the Smiths.  We had a absolutely delicious dinner–everyone brought something fabulous–Sister Thompson did a ham and her homemade rolls.  We also had glazed beans, funeral potatoes, salad, and veggies.  Sister McBean made killer good pies:  pumpkin with glazed nuts on top, pecan and eggnog custard.  Wow, they were good.  The Smiths brought home pressed apple juice.  2015-12-7 CMS Party (2)2015-12-7 CMS Party (8)The Calls:2015-12-7 CMS Party (12)Elder and Sister Chandler came down from Omak:2015-12-7 CMS Party (15)The Van de Venters and the Calls:2015-12-7 CMS Party (6)Elder and Sister Thompson, the Chandlers and the Van de Venters:2015-12-7 CMS Party (16)The Smiths and the McBeans:2015-12-7 CMS Party (14)2015-12-7 CMS Party (18)After dinner we had some real fun singing Crisp Musk Hair Oils and other favorites.  What a hoot!2015-12-7 CMS Party (28)2015-12-7 CMS Party (23)2015-12-7 CMS Party (22)2015-12-7 CMS Party (30)2015-12-7 CMS Party (31)We brought along our chimes and taught everyone how to play them:2015-12-7 CMS Party (27)It was a pretty perfect Christmas evening.  Sister Thompson has a huge collection of Christmas villages–they were in every room, twinkling and adding to the festivities.   No one wanted to go home afterwards.  These are some of the finest people on the planet.  We love them all.

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