Arriving Group 13 Jan 2016, Evening

2016-12-13-arriving-group-61While waiting for our two Mexico MTC missionaries to arrive, we took some time with the Hermanas here to tell them a bit about our family and who we are.  We have been here 1.5 years now, and our family has grown.  We’ve added a son-in-law and our first grandchild.

This is our family:  Graham and Claire Lewis Johnson, Pres. Lewis with baby Clark, Sis. Lewis, Aaron Lewis, Adam and Heidi Lewis, proud parents.  This photo was taken last month when they came for Thanksgiving.2016-11 Lewis Family.jpg

Then we talked about things in the WYM and how we’re organized.  We explained the stakes and zones and wards and where and how the Spanish work done here.  We talked about each part of the mission and what the areas are like.  We talked about the wonderful members who help us every day in every place.  We told them this is a great place to be a missionary–for 100s of reasons!2016-12-13-arriving-group-632016-12-13-arriving-group-652016-12-13-arriving-group-66Elder and Sister Call went to the Yakima Air Terminal to pick up Hermana Tolliver and Elder Hodges when they came in this evening.  They brought them to the Mission Home at about 7:00.  2016-12-13-mexico-arrivals2016-12-13-arriving-group-68Dinner was waiting. Tonight we served marinated tri-tip steak, roasted potatoes, steamed green beans, glazed carrots and a nice green salad.  2016-12-13-arriving-group-72Elder and Sister Thompson joined us.  This is also their farewell dinner.  And a welcome dinner for Elder and Sister Pendlebury.2016-12-13-arriving-group-73Sister Kathy Van De Venter also joined us.  She is our Amazing mission nurse.2016-12-13-arriving-group-74We served apple upside down cake for dessert.  YUM.2016-12-13-arriving-group-752016-12-13-arriving-group-76After dinner we headed back downstairs for orientation with the nurse and our office couples.  2016-12-13-arriving-group-782016-12-13-arriving-group-802016-12-13-arriving-group-81Here is our new group, complete now.  They were exhausted.  It didn’t take them long to fall asleep at 10:30.2016-12-13 Arriving Group (70).JPGWe stayed up with our Assistants to decide which Trainer would get which missionary tomorrow.  It was pretty clear who would go where.  This is going to be good!

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