Monday at the Office

2016-12-12-monday-office-15There are two new faces at the office this week!  Elder and Sister Pendlebury have just returned from the Provo MTC where they’ve been taught for about 2 weeks.  They will be taking the Thompson’s place here in the office.  Sis Pendlebury will take care of housing and finances and Elder Pendlebury will take care of the cars.   Is it possible that the Thompson’s mission is ending after 1.5 years?  Wow.  We love them so much and are sad to see them go.  Thank goodness they live just down the road!2016-12-12-monday-office-752016-12-12-monday-office-22016-12-12-monday-office-58As we got ready for our office meeting and transfer meeting, the mail truck arrived, bringing MORE packages!2016-12-12-monday-office-3And Elders and Sisters started showing up to email their families.  The office is always VERY busy on the Monday before transfers.  Many are coming and going here today.2016-12-12-monday-office-42016-12-12-monday-office-52016-12-12-monday-office-62016-12-12-monday-office-72016-12-12-monday-office-82016-12-12-monday-office-10Meeting starting–the APs are in charge of the Transfer Meeting where they come prepared with all the logistics for the upcoming movement of the missionaries.2016-12-12-monday-office-16Elder Call, aka Master Mailman, always has a pile of letters he’s working on, tracking every piece that comes in.2016-12-12-monday-office-18We are going to miss the Thompsons!2016-12-12-monday-office-192016-12-12-monday-office-20Here’s what this meeting is all about:2016-12-12-monday-office-21And here’s a look at the movement for transfers on Wednesday:2016-12-12-monday-office-222016-12-12-monday-office-232016-12-12-monday-office-24More missionaries!2016-12-12-monday-office-252016-12-12-monday-office-132016-12-12-monday-office-26Sister Fox goes home tomorrow. . . 2016-12-12-monday-office-272016-12-12-monday-office-282016-12-12-monday-office-29Elder Logan Wilde dropped by on his way out of town:2016-12-12-monday-office-302016-12-12-monday-office-312016-12-12-monday-office-322016-12-12-monday-office-33Holy Cow.  Someone will not be going hungry!2016-12-12-monday-office-34Meetings continue:2016-12-12-monday-office-35Here’s what our next few days will look like:2016-12-12-monday-office-372016-12-12-monday-office-382016-12-12-monday-office-392016-12-12-monday-office-402016-12-12-monday-office-42First lunch on the job!2016-12-12-monday-office-432016-12-12-monday-office-442016-12-12-monday-office-45Visiting!2016-12-12-monday-office-462016-12-12-monday-office-472016-12-12-monday-office-48Packages just keep coming!2016-12-12-monday-office-49The transfer board is usually closed.  Today it was open and everyone wanted to take a look.2016-12-12-monday-office-502016-12-12-monday-office-53Learning about the electronic transfer board:2016-12-12-monday-office-56And finances:2016-12-12-monday-office-57Here’s the board!  The pictures that are tilted on an angle are the missionaries who are new to an area.2016-12-12-monday-office-592016-12-12-monday-office-60Another mail load arriving.  We love mailmen!2016-12-12-monday-office-612016-12-12-monday-office-632016-12-12-monday-office-642016-12-12-monday-office-65Looking for nametags:2016-12-12-monday-office-662016-12-12-monday-office-672016-12-12-monday-office-682016-12-12-monday-office-692016-12-12-monday-office-702016-12-12-monday-office-712016-12-12-monday-office-732016-12-12-monday-office-742016-12-12-monday-office-77The shelves keep filling up!2016-12-12-monday-office-782016-12-12-monday-office-792016-12-12-monday-office-80As you can see, there is a Great Amount of Love that comes and goes at the Mission Office.  It’s a joy to be here and to feel a part of this.  We wish you all a very merry Christmas as we prepare to spread the joy and share the light with all we know.

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