Arriving Group 14 December 2016, Morning

2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-3Once in the life of your mission, you get to sleep in past 6:30.  This was the day for these 4 missionaries!  We let them catch up on a bit of sleep after their big day yesterday. Breakfast was served at 8:00 and it was delicious.  You’ll want to visit the recipe section for all the recipes.2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-22016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-1We saved Christmas gift bags for these four and gave them their treats and gifts and WYM t-shirts.  They also got temple recommend holders with our mission scripture and logo.2016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-52016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-62016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-42016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-82016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-92016-12-14-orientation-tt-transfers-7After breakfast, we got ready for the excitement of this day.  In the past, we’ve had our Trainer & Trainee Training a few days after new missionaries arrive.  With the changes in our schedule coming up, we are trying to consolidate meetings and travel wherever possible.  We planned that meeting for this morning, while everyone was here.  That was a good decision.

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