Zone Conference in Moses Lake

2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1We braved the weather conditions and headed to Moses Lake early this morning, arriving there before 9:00 for our 2nd Zone Conference.  Today missionaries from the Moses Lake, Othello and Ephrata Zones met for a full day of goodness.  Come take a look:2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-22017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-32017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-42017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-52017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-62017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-72017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-82017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-92017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-102017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-132017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-28Elder Roe and Elder Burbank, Zone Leaders in Ephrata conducted the meeting.2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-29

President Lewis and I taught about what motivates us and being anxiously engaged.  2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-302017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-31

Elder Oaks said, “Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. The desires we act on determine our changing, our achieving, and our becoming.”  See his excellent talk here:

We showed this news clip about Aron Ralston and talked about the things that motivate us to act.  Here is a glimpse of his story:

Aron Lee Ralston (born October 27, 1975) is an American outdoorsman, engineer and motivational speaker. He survived a canyoneering accident in southeastern Utah in 2003, during which he amputated his own right forearm with a dull pocketknife in order to extricate himself from a dislodged boulder, which had him trapped in Blue John Canyon for five days and seven hours (127 hours). After he freed himself, he had to make his way through the remainder of the canyon, then rappel down a 65-foot (20 m) sheer cliff face in order to reach safety. (Wikipedia)

President Lewis with his 1st Counselor, President Garner from Mattawa:2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-332017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-342017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-35Here is the full agenda for today:2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-412017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-422017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-372017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-382017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-392017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-40Group Photo before lunch:2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-47Today’s Wonderful Lunch Ladies!  Today we feasted on Hawaiian Haystacks and cookies.2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-542017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-552017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-562017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-572017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-582017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-592017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-602017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-632017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-642017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-652017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-662017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-702017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-712017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-72Elder Pendlebury and Elder Chamberlain, two of our wonderful Senior Missionaries:2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-732017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-742017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-752017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-762017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-772017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-782017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-792017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-812017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-82Thanks to these Relief Society Sisters:2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-832017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-852017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-862017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-872017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-882017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-89January Birthdays:2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-91Farewell Testimonies.  2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-932017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-94The aftermath:2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-952017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-962017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-972017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-982017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-992017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1002017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1022017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1052017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1062017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1072017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1092017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1102017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1112017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1122017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1132017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1142017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1172017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1222017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1242017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1282017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1302017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1312017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1322017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-1332017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-134This is what the world looked like as we left the stake center.  This morning it was solid ice.  This afternoon, after a day of rain and temperatures above freezing, it was a wet frozen parking lot.  Only one accident happened today as missionaries traveled to the conference.  Gratefully, everyone walked away without serious harm.  Sadly, we’ve lost another car.  Thanks for your prayers as we weather this weather.  The locals say they’ve not seen a winter like this in 25 years.  And it’s not over yet.  We’re grateful for the protection that surrounds these fantastic missionaries!2017-1-20-zc-moses-lake-135

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  1. Charlotte Burbank says:

    On Sat, Jan 21, 2017 at 12:15 AM Our Washington Yakima Mission wrote:

    > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > annlaemmlenlewis posted: “We braved the weather conditions and headed to > Moses Lake early this morning, arriving there before 9:00 for our 2nd Zone > Conference. Today missionaries from the Moses Lake, Othello and Ephrata > Zones met for a full day of goodness. Come take a look:Elde” > > > > > Thanks so much for all the pictures you post. It is such a blessing to us! > > >


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