An Afternoon Out on the Town


We were greeted at the Mission home by these wonderful helpers in their lovely new aprons, Sister Garcia and Sister Edwards.  And the aroma of warm Monster Cookies!2017-1-31-zarriving-group-29For lunch we had pulled pork sandwiches, chips and broccoli salad.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-302017-1-31-zarriving-group-312017-1-31-zarriving-group-342017-1-31-zarriving-group-35After lunch some of our local missionaries came to take these bright-eyed missionaries out for their first hours of missionary work here in the Yakima area.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-362017-1-31-zarriving-group-372017-1-31-zarriving-group-382017-1-31-zarriving-group-442017-1-31-zarriving-group-452017-1-31-zarriving-group-462017-1-31-zarriving-group-472017-1-31-zarriving-group-51Off they went!2017-1-31-zarriving-group-522017-1-31-zarriving-group-532017-1-31-zarriving-group-552017-1-31-zarriving-group-582017-1-31-zarriving-group-60While they were gone, we re-grouped and prepared for the next events.2017-1-31-zarriving-group-612017-1-31-zarriving-group-63

Today Elder Donakey showed me his planner and the notes he found in it from Elder Walker, who will be transferred to a new area.  I love it when missionaries LOVE their companions as much as these two have.

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