Interviews with the Yakima Valley Spanish Zone (Upper Valley)

2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (2)Zone Leaders, Elder Tapia and Elder Bown welcomed us today in Yakima, where we met with most of their Yakima Valley Zone.  What a great group!2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (3)2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (4)Elder Horsley and Elder Blake, serving in the Yakima Union Gap area2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (7)Elder Horsley:  I would wish to have a one-on-one interview with Joseph Smith about the Restoration.  I wish to have good weather all the time, but still have snow in the mountains so I can ski and go boating.  I with to always have face to face connections with my Heavenly Father.  My favorite ties are skinny bright florals.

(A few of these Elders didn’t get the memo about bringing their tracting bags.  I’ll try to catch them later.)

2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (5).JPGElder Blake:  I wish to serve with Elder Klossner in the Englewood Rama.  I wish to travel the whole world (starting with Europe).  I wish to be able to play every instrument.  My favorite tie is a dark grayish blue Penguin brand tie.2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (8)

Elder Olivas and Elder Walters, serving in the Yakima South Spanish area2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (10.5)Elder Olivas:  I wish to have the best wife and family in the world.  I wish to return to the Father’s presence and be exalted with my family.  I wish to get to meet Jesus Christ some day.  My favorite tie is black with sparkles.2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (13)

Elder Walters:  I wish to have all my family and friends be active LDS members.  I wiht to be well off with a great family of 4 kits & my wife, living in Utah.  I wish to be able to travel the world!  My favorite tie is a pink paisley (silver & gray).2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (10)2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (11)Breath fresheners:2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (15)

Hermana Green and Hermana Robinson, serving in Moxee and Terrace Heights, Spanish2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (19)Hermana Green:  I wish to travel in Europe.  I wish that my hair would grow out.  I wish that all my clothes had pockets.  My favorite skirt is plaid, navy blue and tan and it has pockets.2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (21)2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (20)

Hermana Robinson:  I wish to be able to understand all languages I come across.  I wish to be able to travel quickly (like disapperating in Harry Potter).  I wish to spend a few hours in Christ’s presence and learn directly from Him.  Any skirt or dress with long sleeves and pockets is my favorite .2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (17)2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (16)

Elder Owen and Elder Veropalumbo, serving in Selah, Naches Spanish2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (30)Elder Owen:  I wish to be able to control time–to slow it down during the good times to better enjoy them.  I with to travel the world with my family.  I wish to have enough money to do what I love.  My favorite tie is a black & white Volcom tie with uneven stripes.  2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (26)Elder Owen is from Louisiana where gators live!2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (27)

Elder Veropalumbo:  I wish to be totally healthy with no knee injury!  I wish to have a chance to tell the whole truth to people before they stop listening.  I wish to spend a day with Jesus.  My favorite tie has a cream background with strawberries and blossoms.2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (24)2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (23)

Elder Bown and Elder Tapia, Zone Leaders serving in the Yakima East area2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (33)Elder Bown:  I wish for a good happy family in the future.  I wish to travel around the world.  I wish to play soccer with the Barcelona soccer team.  My favorite tie is a skinny white floral with baby blue & pink flowers.   I don’t carry a tracting bag, but if I did it would be this one.  I carry a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet or two.2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (31)Elder Tapia:  I wish I could fly.  I wish I lived at the beach.  I wish I had lived in Alma the Younter’s time and I could be companions with him.  My favorite tie is a paisley with rust and dark blue colors.2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (34)2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (36)

Hermana Bangerter and Hermana Cluff, serving in the Yakima Central area2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (43)

Hermana Bangerter:  I wish all of our investigators would decide to be baptized.  I wish I could live in Michoacan Mexico for a year.  I wish tortillas didn’t make me fat!  My favorite skirt is red crepe with little blue flowers, worn with a blue sweater.2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (44)My sister made this Plan of Salvation visual for me:2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (45)

Hermana Cluff:  I wish for the same certainty in my testimony that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has.  I wish never to have a terminal illness.  I wish all of my family will go to heaven at the same time (peacefully!!) so we don’t have to be without each other!  My favorite dress is a pink tent dress given to me by a member in Royal.2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (39)2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (40)2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (41)2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (42)

Hermana Pinckard and Hermana Tolliver, serving in the Yakima north area2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (52)Hermana Pinckard:  I wish that parents would just be open and give their children permission for baptism.  I wish that I will be a seminary teacher one day.  I wish that I can become the missionary God wants me to be.  My favorite dress is pink with white stripes, it’s super soft and comfy.2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (50)

Hermana Tolliver:  I wish I could eat as many tortillas as I want and not gain weight.  I wish I could remember all of my loved one’s birthdays #whoops,sorry!  I wish I could live in Jalisco, Mexico for a year and work in a restaurant with Rosalva.  My favorite dress is loose and flowy.  It’s blue and mid-calf.  I wear it with a jean jacket.  2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (47)2017-9-21 Interviews Yak Valley (49)

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