Interviews in Home Valley

2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (37)Our last stop today was farther down the road in beautiful Home Valley where the Oman’s live.  Here is their driveway and  what I saw as we approached.  The Omans have been in the WYM for a year now.  They will be transferring to Brewster later in the month, which will be sad for all the wonderful friends they’ve made in Stevenson and White Salmon.  They will leave a huge hole in the lives of many here.2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (38)2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (39)2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (41)

Elder Bouck and Elder Coker live just up the mountain from the Omans.  They came for their interviews here.  Elder Bouck goes home next month.2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (40)Here is the sunset over the river –the view from the Oman’s deck:2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (43)

Elder Bouck and Elder Coker, serving in Stevenson2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (45)Elder Bouck:  My goals for this year:  not get married in 90 days.  Keep growing in the gospel.

Elder Coker: Read the Book of Mormon all the way through twice and help others to see Christ in their lives.2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (46)2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (47)2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (48)2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (49)Elder Oman:  I don’t make resolutions at New Year’s.

Sister Oman:  I want to have more patience and get better at journal writing.

Tonight we stayed in White Salmon at a wonderful boutique hotel owned by the family of one of our recent converts.  It’s called Inn of the White Salmon.  It was really fun.  We had a beautiful room overlooking the main street.  For dinner we walked down to a great restaurant called Henni’s where they served some South African dishes.  I was in heaven.  I haven’t eaten Bobotie in about 30 some years!  I also had a delicious South African chicken curry dish that reminded me of the meals my mission mom used to serve.  Pres Lewis had a burger that was out of this world.2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (51)On the streets of White Salmon:2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (52)Seems like there are people here ho need what we have to share!2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (53)2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (54)Our friend, Matt, checking us into the hotel.  He and his wife were sealed in the temple a few months ago.  He is one great guy.2018-1-13 Interviews The Dalles Zone (55)

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