Interviews, Brewster and Bridgeport

2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (33)Welcome to Brewster!!  This is a gem of a spot for our missionaries!  We love being here. We have 2 Elders serving in Brewster and 2 nearby in Bridgeport.  This is one happy brotherhood!2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (40)

Elder Lowry and Elder Ramirez, serving in Brewster2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (37)Elder Lowry:  This year I want to build more discipline.  I have reminders on post-it notes all over to help me focus and study hard.  I also want to make my resolutions last past February (like not eating out as much).

Elder Rameriz:  (Going home next transfer)  I wan to be able to move out of the house soon and provide for myself.  I also want to be ready for (if not in) college.

2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (46)

Elder Parkin and Elder Woodfield, serving in Bridgeport2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (35)Elder Larkin:  I want to finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish and become fluent in Spanish.

Elder Woodfield:  I want to read the Book of Mormon Every Day and attend the temple monthly after I go home.

Language study happening here:2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (49)2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (48)On to the next stop!2018-1-24 Chelan, Brewster, Omak (51)

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