An Accounting July 2015-July 2018


I am a record keeper and a history recorder.  As I’ve gone back through my records, here are some interesting pieces of information about our lives that I’ve chronicled during the last 3 years.

Missionaries who have served with us here: 455
Mission areas: Central Washington, from The Dalles to Canada, 7.5 driving hours from top to bottom (432 miles)

Stake Conference and Church talks given: 58
Zone Conference, MLC Trainings given: 68
Doctrine of Christ Trainings: 48
Meals Served:  more than 450 (menus and eaters itemized in the following post)
Transfers: 30
Miles driven: 71,850
Mission President seminars: 6
Mission Leadership Counsels: 34
Zone Conferences: 60
Pages of Interview Handouts prepared: 108
Mission Blog Posts Written: 2,472
Views on the Mission Blog:  546,400
Personal Blog Posts Written: 238
Family History Blog Posts Written: 552
Stories added to FamilySearch: 578
Photos/memories added to Family Search: 2,123
Days for Girls groups started: Yakima, Wenatchee, Ellensburg, Quincy, Brewster, The Dalles
Days for Girls Kits made: 5000+
Quilts finished: 0
Books read (besides Scriptures, and PMG): 0
Personal Journal pages written: 3,220
Days wearing a dress: 365 x 3
Days wearing pants: 0
Photos taken: way more than 100,000
Photos archived: 83,140
Newsletters produced: 16 with 245 pages
Sick days (flu): 3
P-Days taken: 2

Too many to count:
Dozens of cookies baked
Apple desserts served
Sheets washed and beds changed
Yards of DfG Fabric washed, dried, folded and cut
Nights slept away from home (hotels, members)
Birthday gift bags given
Notes texted to moms
Hugs given and received

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