The Jackmans at the Mission Home

2018-6-29 The Final Hours (39)This afternoon we brought the Jackmans home.  We only had a few hours to empty everything into their eager hearts and minds.  They are going to be wonderful here!  We went right to work.  They got a grand tour of the lovely Mission Home and what’s kept where and used for what.  There are so many parts and pieces of what happens here.  It’s a little overwhelming to try to explain it all in a few hours.  We all did our best.

We worked through dinner and into the evening, answering questions and explaining things.  Pres Lewis had an agenda of things to go over that was about 5 or 6 pages long.  It was fun helping them get a feel for what they are stepping into.  It was also funny in an overwhelming sort of way.  We were each exhausted, running on only a few hours of sleep this week.  We’ve both moved out of our homes, said way more goodbyes that should ever be required of anyone, and we are each stepping into unknown territory.

We worked, non-stop until about midnight, when we had to find a place to end and say goodbye and wish each other well.2018-6-29 The Final Hours (40)Explaining the files and paperwork of the mission:2018-6-29 The Final Hours (41)Before we left, we also marked the wall.2018-6-29 The Final Hours (42)2018-6-29 The Final Hours (44)And then, after more hugs and some tears of love and exhaustion, we said goodnight, and we got in our little car and drove away.  It’s over.  The baton has passed.  We went to our hotel room and fell into bed.  2018-6-29 The Final Hours (45)

Tomorrow we make the long drive home.  After tonight, our phones are turned over to Pres and Sis Jackman and the photos come to an end.  We will drive home in quiet and solitude.  It will be a long thoughtful day.

I don’t really know how to put into words the emotions I’m feeling right now.  Maybe overwhelmed with goodness and love for this opportunity, for friendships, and for the wonderful missionaries we’ve served with.

I am Grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   His plan for us thrills me to the core.  I know He directs our paths in very detailed and personal ways.  I am so grateful that our path has passed through this Yakima Mission these last 3 years.  What a joyful experience this has been!  My love to all who have joined us in this journey.  I hope our paths continue to cross in the future.

The other day I posted this on my Facebook timeline:

Pooh Goodbye

I am also grateful to have recorded here the history of our time here.  The good news is I  CAN go back to the beginning and relive every single day, and see the faces of those I love, and read about our movement here.  I have memories and I have pictures and I have words, and as long as these are preserved, these experiences will never die.  What a gift this has been and will continue to be!  Thank you for joining me here!

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7 Responses to The Jackmans at the Mission Home

  1. Julie Oman says:

    Thank you for all you both have shared…
    Your amazing ..
    Much love 💕


  2. Celeste Goetz says:

    Thank you for your shining example of magnifying a calling. Thank you for helping our son’s mission start off in such a wonderful way. And thank you for including us all in your journey. We love you and President Lewis and wish you the very best!


  3. Aaryn Birchell says:

    This blog has been a gift for all of us. I imagine so many missionaries will also use this blog as they each recall their experiences, training and love recieved from you both. I know our Hermana Birchell has been blessed and supported in significant ways that make my heart sing. Bless you for your service and for truly going the extra mile.


  4. cheryl cardall says:

    Thank you for everything you’ve done for my boy in his first few weeks. He loves you!


  5. Mac lycio says:

    Thank you.


  6. Britt-Marie Petersson says:

    Thank you for all your hard work in the mission, and for all the love you both have shown all the missionaries. You’ve made my son feel loved and at home. THANK YOU!! This blog has been such a blessing! I have gone in every day to look for updates and Sooo much appreciate all the pictures from all the meetings. A picture is worth a 1000 words, especially if your child is far from home and in the pictures 🙂


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