More Interviews in Moses Lake

2017-9-20 Interviews Wenatchee (1)We finished up in Moses Lake this morning, on this cool overcast day.2017-9-20 Interviews Wenatchee (4)2017-9-20 Interviews Wenatchee (5)

Elder Ence and Elder Anderson, Zone Leaders serving in the Moses Lake 11th and YSA Wards2017-9-20 Interviews Wenatchee (13)Elder Ence:  I wish to have a dream job tha tis fun, pays well, and is flexible.  I wish to have the ability to control time.  I’d like to have the skill of being good at everything.  I’m wearing my favorite tie.  It’s velvet.2017-9-20 Interviews Wenatchee (7)2017-9-20 Interviews Wenatchee (10)2017-9-20 Interviews Wenatchee (11)Elder Anderson:  I’d wish for a personal island with a great beach for surfing.  I wish for time to spend traveling with my family.  I’d wish for knowledge–to be all-knowing.  My favorite tie is white with blue flowers that my momma gave me.2017-9-20 Interviews Moses Lake (10)

Elder Clark and Elder Nicoll, serving in the Moses Lake 6th & 8th Wards2017-9-20 Interviews Moses Lake (14)Elder Nicoll:  I’d wish to own a million-dollar business that runs itself.  Then I would buy an ice cream shop, a cattle ranch, a gated community for my family to live in.  I’d hang out with my family and take care of others.  My favorite tie is brown with gray stripes.  I’m wearing it!2017-9-20 Interviews Moses Lake (11)2017-9-20 Interviews Moses Lake (12)Elder Clark:  I wish I could fly.  I wish for a successful business.  I wish for world peace with a righteous leader.  I am wearing my favorite tie–it’s blue, gray and purple.  2017-9-20 Interviews Moses Lake (15)

These two dropped by:2017-9-20 Interviews Moses Lake (16)Moses Lake:2017-9-20 zInterviews Moses Lake

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