Interviews begin in Wenatchee

2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (1)After getting everyone to their places, we got in the car and raced to Wenatchee to start catching up on the interviews we had planned for this week.  We drove through 2 hours of beautiful Washington country and a mountain pass and made it to Wenatchee just after 6:00 p.m.  Dinners were over and we went to work, visiting with these fine missionaries.

I continue to ask if they could have any 3 wishes, what would they be, and also to describe their favorite tie, dress or skirt.  I’m also doing a photo shoot of what they carry with them when they go tracting.  “What’s in your Bag?”

Elder MacLellan and Elder Nielson, serving in the Wenatchee Sage Hills and YSA Wards2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (2)Elder MacLellan:  I wish to play pro-baseball (my choice would be for the Pittsburgh Pirates).  I wish to have faith as great as the Brother of Jared.  I wish to have perfect charity and be really wealthy so I can help others a lot.  My favorite tie is a light pink floral with white flowers.  I don’t carry a tracting bag, I just carry this stuff:2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (5)

Elder Nielson:  I wish to never need to sleep or feel tired.  I wish not to have to eat or drink of feel hungry (for the time it takes).  I wish we didn’t sweat or have to use the restroom.   My favorite tie is floral, skinny, with a light purple/gray background.2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (3)

The Wenatchee Wonder Women:2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (8). . . and an old lady. . . 2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (12)

Sister Fox, Sister Turley and Sister Goodrich, serving in the Castlerock and YSA Wards2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (17)Sister Fox:  I wish I could eat as much as I want and not get sick or fat.  I wish to be fluent in every language.  I wish to not have acne.  My favorite skirts are A-line with pockets.2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (25)

Sister Turley:  I wish I could be a mermaid.  I wish I could eat tons of chocolate and ice cream without getting fat.  I wish to become companions with Sister Reidhead.  My favorite dress is soft and flowy with pockets.2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (14)2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (15)2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (13)

Sister Goodrich:  I wish to go to the temple every day without having time go by.  I wish to be able to play every musical instrument well.  I wish to speak every language fluently. I’m wearing my favorite skirt.  It’s cream with flowers on it with pockets.2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (22)2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (19)

Look what I found on her pedigree chart–Ann Lewis, who married Henry Clegg Jr.  Take a look here at how we are connected:

Ann Lewis is the daughter of John A. Lewis, my husband’s great-great grandfather.

2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (20)

Sister Baggett and Sister Reidhead, serving in the Wenatchee Mission Ridge Ward2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (18)Sister Baggett:  I wish to be able to sleep until I’m not tired.  I wish to eat whatever I want and not gain weight.  I wish to be able to travel the world for free!  I’d begin with England and Europe.  My favorite dress is a black floral, super soft with pockets.2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (27)2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (26)2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (30)Sister Reidhead:  I wish to own a zoo!  I wish to eat dinner with Pres. Monson.  I wish to have Sister Turley as my companion, please!  My favorite dress is a floral, light pink comfy dress with bell sleeves.2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (31)2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (29)2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (32)

Tonight we finished at 11:00 and at 11:30 we picked up 285 Days for Girls kits from the excellent women of Wenatchee.  This are going to Uganda to help the Sudanese refugees.  We are grateful for every single one of them, and for the women who made them.2017-9-28 Wenatchee Interviews (34)

Also happening tonight:  these Elders provided service in Cashmere at the Methodist Church Community Dinner.  The Wenatchee River Ward did the cooking!2017-9-28 Wenatchee Service

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