Interviews with the Yakima Zone

Here is my view of the entire day–I was home in bed sick under a Christmas quilt.  Wow, I feel like I’ve been hit by a train.  So I talked Pres Lewis into taking some photos and some notes for me today as he interviewed members of the Yakima Zone here in town.  I mostly slept and took meds.  Here’s what these good missionaries had to say today:  (Sorry I wasn’t there to really interrogate them and get the details.)2017-12-20 Interviews Yakima (1)

Elder and Sister McKeen, serving with the Young Single Adults in the Yakima and Selah Stakes2017-12-20 Interviews Yakima (3)Elder and Sister McKeen:  We do a white elephant exchange (the funnier, the better).  We also tell a family history story with visual aids about Christmas.  This year I (Elder McKeen) will try and review weekly my weaknesses in preparation for the sacrament, to help me be more dependent upon my Savior.  Sister McKeen:  I will forget about myself and reach out to all those around us or me the way Christ would–by feeding, loving and encouraging.2017-12-20 Interviews Yakima (5)

Elder Summit and Elder Eliason, serving in the Summit View Ward2017-12-20 Interviews Yakima (6)Elder Summit (isn’t it perfect that he’s in the Summit View Ward?)  My favorite family traditions are putting up the Christmas tree as a family and our Christmas Eve party at grandma’s house.  This year I will have a more Christ-centered Christmas by doing good to others!

Elder Eliason: Our family cuts down a tree together and we play games together.  This year I am learning a lot about Him.

Sister Cannell and Sister Shinkle, serving in the Yakima Randall Park Ward2017-12-20 Interviews Yakima (9)Sister Cannell:  We open a present on Christmas Eve and have a party at my aunt and uncle’s house.  This year I will work on a Christ-like attribute each week and apply it to my own life.

Sister Shinkle:  On Christmas Eve, all 7 kids sleep in the same bedroom.  We eat sticky buns in the morning right after opening presents.  This year I will focus more on others rather than myself.

Elder Miwa and ELder Miller, serving in the Yakima Meadowbrook Ward2017-12-20 Interviews Yakima (14)Elder Miwa:  My mom always makes an activity advent calendar and she puts Lindor chocolate truffles with it.  We have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.  My Christmas will be more Christ-centered because I’m doing Light the World and I’m “Trying to be Like Jesus” throughout the Christmas season.

Elder Miller: Our family reads the book, “The Worst/Best Christmas Pageant Ever.”  On Christmas Eve we all sleep in one room and in the morning we eat cinnamon rolls.  This year I will pray before opening presents and give thanks.

2017-12-20 Interviews Yakima (15)2017-12-20 Interviews Yakima (16)Elder Ence and Elder Johnson, Zone Leaders of the Yakima Zone, serving in the Cottonwood Canyon Ward2017-12-20 Interviews Yakima (19)Elder Ence:  My family enjoys making wassail and we have a white elephant party–with laughter, gross gifts and family!  This year I’m reading of His life in the New Testament and serving others.

Elder Johnson: My family delivers plates of goodies and has a family Christmas Eve Party.  I have studied Christ’s life more this year than ever before.  I will strive to follow His example.

Elder Heaton and Elder Ready, serving in the Yakima Randall Park Ward, East2017-12-20 Interviews Yakima (22)Elder Heaton:  We read the story, “The Christmas Orange” and the story of the Birth of Jesus on Christmas Eve.  This year I am studying the life of Christ and following His example.

Elder Ready:  My family goes caroling and we watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” Christmas morning.  This year I will #Light the World.

Sister Wadman and Sister Stevenson, serving in the Ahtanum Creek and YSA Wards2017-12-20 Interviews Yakima (25)Sister Wadman:  We have a cake for Christ on Christmas Eve and then frost it and sing Happy Birthday on Christmas morning.  On Christmas Eve we have a party at my grandma’s and then as a family we read Luke 2 and sing songs and bear testimonies.  This year I will act as Christ would act and I will study His life.

Sister Stevenson:  Our family makes caramels and wraps them together and we deliver them to neighbors.  On Christmas Eve we eat clam chowder and read stories.  My parents have a special candle that is only burned on Christmas Eve.  This year I am helping to Light the World.  I didn’t get to do it last year.

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