More Interviews in Wenatchee

2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (1)Back this morning in Wenatchee.  We’re having rain and snow up here.  Pres Lewis and I have our own space heaters (Christmas gifts) to keep us warm in the cold classrooms where we visit with the missionaries.  They keep our feet warm and these missionaries keep our hearts warm!

Elder Carroll and Elder Turley, serving in Cashmere and Leavenworth2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (2)Elder Carroll:  I want to work on more meaningful personal study (study what I need to help people and for our lessons).  I also want to ask more questions to understand where people are coming from.

Elder Turley:  I want to have charity for ALL PEOPLE.  I also want to be the best missionary I can be (more obedient and use my time well).

Studying in the other room:2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (3)2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (6)2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (8)2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (11)

Hermana Petersen and Hermana Johnson, serving in the East Reach Spanish areas (East Ridge and Rocky Reach)2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (13)Herman Petersen:  On my mission my goal is to not get caught up in what I can’t control.  When I go home I want to wrap up my mission memories and start school.

Hermana Johnson:  I want to LOVE my companions, my areas, the people, and my calling.  I want to learn Spanish so I can be comfortable having conversations.

Hna Peterson’s journal:2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (23)

Hermana Lin and Hermana Robinson, STLs serving in the Columbia Hills Spanish area2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (14)Hermana Lin:  I want to be a better record keeper and write in my journal more!  I also want to always keep up sincere and prayerful scripture studies, whether I’m a full-time missionary or not.

Hermana Robinson:  I want to never rush my personal prayers.  I want to always choose to be happy.  Happiness is a choice

2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (18)Advice from Pres Lewis!2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (21)2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (22)2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (29)2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (31)

Elder Holt and Elder Smith, serving in the Rocky Reach Ward2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (38)Elder Holt:  I want to act as Christ acted and do what He did (make His attributes my attributes).  I want to read the Bible and D&C this year.  I also want to be better at my journal writing.

Elder Smith:  I want to get better at talking to people (think less of myself) and just share what I know.  I want to memorize 30 verses from the Book of Mormon and New Testament, 15 from each.

Elder Smith’s scriptures:2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (42)2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (43)Mom Sent Music!!  2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (44)2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (45)

Drove past the very first place we ate out with the APs on our first trip to Wenatchee 2.5 years ago!  Pres Lewis thought he ordered a nice big meaty taco.  Instead he got a taco filled with potatoes!!  It helps to speak Spanish around here!2018-1-25 Interviews Wenatchee (50)

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